Tuesday, May 8, 2018

First Impression Lasts: What to Wear in Your Job Interview


Job interviews in Australia can be stressful as you have to prove to your would-be employer that you are capable of handling the job you are eyeing for. Applicants consider job interviews as their passport towards a good career path or a change in career. Needless to say, acing this interview is vital for many applicants. You may be a graduate of a reputable school or perhaps have solid academic achievements, but during your job interview you may not get the job because of the seemingly trivial but important factors such as the way you dress and carry yourself.

Many applicants fail to realize that the way they dress, style their hair, and wear makeup can either make or break their way into the job they are applying for. The truth is that employers and HR officers can determine one’s personality by just merely looking at how he/she carries himself/herself during job interview. They can easily pinpoint if the applicant has the tendency to be a slacker or an asset to the company. Because of this, it is important for applicants to know how to dress and to carry themselves during their interview to improve their chances of getting hired.

Wear something that perfectly fits your body – It is not advisable to wear loose clothes when undergoing a job interview. Wearing such clothing can suggest to the employer that you are too casual and are not serious about the job you are applying for. However, this does not mean you have to wear tight clothes because it may make you feel uncomfortable.

Tidy up your hair – If you sport a longhair, you would want to pull it up in a sleek ponytail neatly to suggest your professionalism. However, if you have shorthair, it is advised that you apply a setting product on it to make it look more neat and professional.

Avoid wearing bold eyeshadow and make-up –  Wearing bold-colored eye shadow can give a connotation to your interviewer that you have a strong personality and the tendency to create a rift in the workplace, making you a liability for the company.

Wear something nice – Male applicants are advised to wear polo, well-fitting slacks, and black shoes. For the women, they can wear blazers, blouse, and well-fitting pencil skirt, and should not wear revealing or skimpy clothing. Wearing heels is a good bet. You must remember that first impression may last, which is why wearing something nice is a requirement if you are really serious about getting the job.

Avoid wearing clothes with striking colors – It is not a good idea to wear red or black during a job interview. These colors tend to connote that you have a very strong personality, which can be problematic to the position you are applying for. You may want to wear something more neutral like blue, brown, and white – these colors are easy to the eyes.

Don’t overdo accessories and perfume – For women applicants, they may wear some accessories but not too many. You may wear a bracelet, watch, or simple necklace. Avoid wearing strong scented perfume, just wear something light and nice to the nose – you would not want your interviewer to sneeze because of the strong scent you are wearing.

Wear comfortable shoes – Although stilettos are nice to the eyes, they are preferred during job interviews. Aside from it can easily make you feel uncomfortable, it can also give an impression that you have a very bold personality to the interviewer. You may wonder if you can wear heels, the answer is a big yes. However, just make sure to wear such shoes that will not make you trip and fall, something that’s comfortable.

Your looks are as important as your curriculum vitae, which is why it is important to be mindful of how you carry yourself during your interview.


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