Tuesday, May 22, 2018

How to Avoid People Touching Pregnant Belly


Women will come across with many changes at the time of pregnancy. They will notice in weight gain along with feeling nauseous. These changes are common which are expected in most of the pregnancy. You will also come across with size of the belly which is increasing month by month. It will give you the good experience when your kids and husband touches it. It should not be private property that needs to be touch by any one.

Sometimes, pregnant belly needs to be touched by people in order to get the good experience of baby movement. But due to that, women are not happy with such situation and avoid such situation where they want anyone to touch their belly. Don't touch my pregnant belly is the common sentence which is used by the women when they don’t want any one for that.  Friend family and close friends can touch the pregnant bellies only when they take permission from you. But if strangers are coming and touching the pregnant belly without permission will give discomfort mode to them.

According to latest studies it has revealed that, one woman has filed the case regarding touching of pregnant belly.  Some of the states are having common laws that are against men who touch pregnant bellies without the permission of the pregnant mother. As it is said earlier that family member along with kids are only having the right to touch the pregnant belly. If someone needs to touch the pregnant belly, they have to take permission from the mothers before touching it.

Women during the pregnancy state having full right to say No to such people who are forcing them to touch their belly but she don’t want to get their belly touched. In most of the case man touching pregnant woman's belly is for reason when they want to notice about the movements of the baby which gives them the new experience. Some women feel that they have good luck when they get being touched by person.

 How you can save yourself from being touched?

 There are many modes which helps the women to save them from pregnant belly.  They should be more attentive in market or any other social place. It is important for the women avoid going to these places during their pregnancy but if they wish to move for such places they should keep eyes on all people.  They should understand the facial expressions of the person if they about to touch the belly.

 It is important for the women that she should say no to all to such people who is trying to touch the women belly. Even to their family members when she is not in mood to get her touched. She is having the full right to protect their body from strangers and family members.

  It is better for women to hide the belly before moving to any public place.

 All these points will help them to save their pregnant belly.


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