Monday, April 16, 2018

Shelving – A Good Warehouse Storage Solution for All

Having a large warehouse space is sometimes not enough, especially when you do not know how to utilize the available space with the help of right warehouse storage solutions. 
You can actually find a number of storage solutions, but you have to determine your unique needs first to find the right solution for your business. In most cases, you will always find some space for shelving. 

Shelving is one of many warehouse storage solutions and allows you to store items on static shelves. Since the stock is on static shelves, you cannot use forklift to retrieve them. 
However, shelving is probably the simplest storage option with easy access to stock. It is just like working around aisles at a grocery store. 
You have to keep in mind though that shelving is a right storage solution for small, light items. The items that require manual picking and placement are quite suitable for this storage solution. 
It means that you should consider opting for static shelves to store clothing, agricultural produce, small products, and machine parts and components. Shelving may not be the most suitable choice for anything too heavy to carry.
After weight, you need to consider the height of your shelves. Since you cannot use forklift to place items on these shelves, you cannot go very high with them. 
You may require ladder access but you should take safety measures first. For bigger items, you can opt for long span shelving, which is a relatively safer option. 
If you are not that interested in static shelving, you may consider using another alternative called mobile shelving. It is quite suitable for data storage because they are fit with a traction system. 
You should consider this storage option when you want to store something that does not require continuous access. 
Therefore, this particular warehouse storage solution works great for retail store back areas. Moreover, mobile shelving is an ideal choice with small warehouse spaces. It helps you to utilize the available space in a most professional manner. 
An important consideration regarding mobile shelving is that it moves on a level track way. The tracks are usually built into the floor, but you can also have them mounted on top, as per your convenience. 
To use this warehouse storage solution effectively, you need to take some time to select the right tracks. You will have to talk to a professional to know if it is possible to lay tracking in the type of flooring you have. 
When making tracks in the floor, it is important to ensure that they stay stable and do not affect the floor integrity in a negative way. 
Be sure to utilize the facility of installing a locking mechanism on mobile shelves. The mechanism helps keep them secured all the time. 
It all boils down to the fact that you can find various warehouse storage solutions, but you can always have some shelves installed in your warehouse space. 
Just ensure that you use them sensibly, and take special care when you are interested in having mobile shelving installed in your space.

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