Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Top 10 reasons to opt for PMP training certification

No organization can run without projects and for every project there is appointed a project manager and for every project manager to head, lead and succeed he needs to be trained and certified. This is where PMP training certification process comes as a blessing for the project managers.

What is PMP training certification?

PMP stands for Project Management Professionals and it is a specially designed framework that is formulated to train the project managers regarding all they need to know about project management, its principles, its working and such.
PMP certification is the only globally recognized certification program that has a universal credibility and acceptability. The certification is provided by the reputed Project Management Institute, which validates the education and experience of the candidates in project management.

Why apply for PMP training certification?

For any course that is designed, it has only a limited acknowledgement, may be limited to geographical areas, limited to institutional reputation and such. But, PMP is the only globally acknowledged certification course where the project managers around the world speak in one common language.

When a candidate applies ad undergoes training in PMP from a reputed institute or an online portal, he is trained keeping in mind the PMI guidelines and also, is trained to pass in the first try. The course has a hands-on approach and is designed in such way that he will be able to understand the workings of the five process groups and 10 knowledge areas defined by the PMBOK Guide.

Before embarking on the journey of getting the PMP certification, first let us give youtop 10 reasons to opt for PMP training certification.

1.      It is globally acknowledged certification

The first and the most important reason for choosing the PMP certification and training is its global acknowledgement. If you wish to have a freedom to work as a project manager anywhere in the world, with any company of your choice, PMP certification is the best choice. The certification is a way of showing one’s expertise and potential to the employers in any part of the world.

2.      It helps in expanding your reach and scope

PMP certified professionals, generally, become a part of the close knit community with people from around the world being a part of it. There are forums and groups where the certified professionals share their knowledge, tips, suggestions, and experiences with one another. This helps an individual to expand the scope, knowledge and reach in the project management field.

3.      The professionals are better performers

It has been observed by many PMP experts and others that the non PMP certified individuals perform lesser than the one’s those are certified and properly trained. The requirement and rigorous training for the PMP examination has a higher standard in comparison to other project management certification

The certification prepares the candidates on the best practices of project management and is trained in all aspects of the same. The candidates have to undergo training in five processes, namely, initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing.

4.      It highlights your resume during hiring

Again, it is for the fact that PMP trained individuals are preferred at the time of hiring. PMP certification in the resume brings you to the forefront and brings you in the notice of the hirer during the evaluation process. 

5.      It provides better salary

PMP certified professionals enjoy a better salary hike than their non-certified peers. They enjoy a dramatically steep salary hike post their certification. On an average, they earn 20% more than their non-certified colleagues.

6.      It provides better job opportunities

According to various Project management based surveys, most companies prefer PMP certified individuals to lead their projects and are thus preferred over the non-certified ones. Most of the high performing projects have PMP certified project managers working on the projects. PMP certification opens up new and greener avenues for the project managers looking for new horizons.

7.      The PMP certified managers are offered better projects

Since the PMP training is rigorous and quite taxing for the candidates, its certification is an attestation of the candidate’s dedication towards project management.PMP trained professionals are awarded more challenging projects based on the experience and expertise he has gained via certification.

8.      Its provides economic security

We have seen economic downfall in the last decade and the economy is yet to recover. We hear of lay-offs quite often. Yet, the industry experts are of the opinion that PMP certified professionals who have a deep understanding of the core concepts and principles of the PMP world, they are less likely be laid-off, even during recession or any other economic downslide.

9.      It is applicable to most industries

PMP trained professionals are trained to work in any industry and are not restricted to anyone industry in particular. They are eligible to work in various industries including telecom, IT, commerce, finance, research based, business processing and such.

10.  It proves to be a great investment

On a general note, PMP certification proves to be an investment for life. The cost of certification and training comes in the middle level and is quite nominal compared to other high-tech courses. Also, the cost incurred and the income at a later stage, when compared, you will always be on the profitable side.

PMP certification enables you to have a better understanding of the project management concepts, principles and its workings. You get to connect with people with better experience and knowledge via groups, forums, organizations and expand your knowledge base. All in all, PMP helps you in becoming the project hero.

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