Sunday, April 22, 2018

How to keep the heart healthy to enjoy life

Heart is the most important part that pumps blood to the different parts of the body. Heart consists of two valves and four chambers, and through these chambers blood starts circulating in the body. In case health of a person suffers problems due to heart, then each of two valves or may be two valves need exact treatment. Now, in these days increasing number of heart problems make everything very much dangerous. So, it is necessary to have a healthy heart.

How to keep heart healthy?

Only with a few steps anyone can easily keep his heart strong and healthy. These steps are
  • It is important to select healthy fats rather than Tran’s fat – Consuming fat in diet is essential to maintain nutrients, but these fats must be unsaturated, saturated and poly-saturated.Trans fat creates problems in the artery and the way gets blocked. If intake takes place, then LDL level, which is bad cholesterol, gets high.
  • Dental hygiene gives a proper strength to heart – Dental Care prevents heart disease. Oral health problems indicate heart diseases. Flossing teeth is thus an essential step to have strong heart as well as a strong gum.
  • Proper sleep daily–Proper sleep of eight hours gives a complete strength to the body and to the heart. Cardiovascular disease takes place when one doesn’t have proper sleep. Heart attack or stroke like health issues take place in mostly those people who don’t take proper sleep. Symptoms are seen for people over 45 years old.
  • Sitting for a long time may create problem for your heart – This is said by the experts that if a person needs healthy heart, then he must not work in sitting posture for a long time. People think that if they exercise daily after doing work in sitting posture, then also they will not make proper and healthy heart.
  • Tobacco or alcohol in excess manner can create problem for heart – This is very much important for a person to know that tobacco and alcohol can destroy health of the heart completely. In case anyone is suffering with any kind of health issue that is directly or indirectly related to the heart, then one should not consume alcohol after that. Even if a person is healthy and away from any disease and taking a lot of alcohol, then he might be caught by lungs or heart cancer.
All these are tips for keeping heart healthy. However, when the health problem goes in excess manner, then valves of heart get affected. At this stage the specialist or cardiologist start treatment suitable to the person. In case the person is not able to get treated with normal steps or medicines, then doctors take decision to change or transplantation of heart. People in India can easily search hospitals for their need.

Doctors sometimes refer to the best hospitals where they will get the most appropriate treatment. The valve replacement surgery in India is now common as the specialists are always there to help. The daily routine of people is getting tougher day by day and they get addicted in some undesirable things that destroy heart activity.

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