Friday, April 20, 2018

6 Colors for Modern Fundamentals | Office Color Ideas and Tips

Do you want to know what colors are trend and essential for offices in 2018? Well take note that all these combinations are 100% trending and a visual spectacle for your office!

And the fact is that color stimulates our senses and has a lot of power over our mood. That is why it is very important to use color consciously and select the right shade to paint our office. The activities that will be carried out in a space before selecting the colors should not be overlooked. The new color trends take into account the functionality of the space to define tonality but are also inspired by ergonomics theories.

A responsible use of colors for an office can help improve motivation and this, in turn, will raise labor productivity. That is why although haute couture is one of the forerunners of style for office color; the color palette for modern offices also takes into account the needs of the users who inhabit the spaces.

The color palette for painting modern offices is natural and sophisticated. The natural warmth of Swedish pine combined with vibrant shades of mustard and atmospheric grays or the contrast of black and white, an elegant classic that never goes out of style, softened with innovative cloud tones. The colors for soft modern offices are perfect for painting walls and furniture in general, while we can use brighter colors to give occasional accents in the furniture or in very specific areas. These colors can respond to the corporate identity of the company. When it comes to choosing colors to paint modern offices, we must remember that not all walls have to be painted the same color. For example, you can paint the walls of one color and the ceiling of another,

1. Colors for modern offices: Gray

Gray is a very versatile color that can be combined very easily with other shades. It is therefore one of the star colors for painting modern offices. It can be combined with bright colors such as green or blue; or used in the wide range of tones it offers. If we want we can use grays that tend to cold colors to combine with blue or gray shades with tendency to warm colors that are perfect to combine with yellows or oranges.

2. Black and white

The color most used in offices is white. The white color offers peace, relaxation, and concentration, light and also gives an appearance of order and cleanliness. By choosing the white to paint the walls of our office we get lighter and expand the vision of the office. It is especially useful if the office does not have windows. White is the classic color par excellence, combine it with black to give it a more extreme touch.

3. More colors to paint modern offices ... Mustard!

While the softer tones relax, the brightest and most intense mustard tones offer a stimulating effect. Depending on the impression we want to generate, we can play with the different mustard tones at our convenience. The mustard offices will be perfect for spaces in which we seek to create a very modern, energetic and vibrant feeling.

4. Swedish pine

Swedish pine is a softer choice and will be chosen when the main objective is to convey a more assertive and relaxed image. The light colors with very pronounced veins, work very well to add a more natural and pleasant air to the workspaces. Endowed with a great luminosity and warmth, it recalls the foundations of the Nordic style, which are visual cleansing with a minimalist tendency. It can be combined with cloud tones to enhance the feeling of spaciousness, luminosity and warmth. It is recommended to use in informal or quiet environments in which the social life of the office is developed

5.  And more risky combinations of colors for modern offices? Tones cloud!

Cloud tones are cool colors that represent peace, stability, tranquility and security. Like all cold colors, blue cloud reassures. According to color theories, blue decreases blood pressure and pulsations. It has a strong relaxing effect on people. For this reason it is especially indicated for jobs with a high level of stress, such as call centers, or environments where difficult negotiations are carried out.

6. Pastel green

Pastel green is a tone that encourages the balance of the person in their environment. It represents nature, freshness, fertility, growth, hope. It opens people's minds, favors concentration, abstract thinking and has relaxing and balancing effects. Surely browsing the web in search of green offices you will find many ideas your company.

And you? What other colors for modern offices do you have in your business? What other trends do you think will become fashionable in the coming years? Go ahead; I will love to hear your opinion and share ideas! =)

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