Monday, April 23, 2018

Find the right broker for your trading requirements


For a trader who loves to trade in the stock market and earn a profit with buying and selling of shares, it is important to get the best broker. A broker is a mate for a trader in the journey of trading. There are full-service brokers as well as discount brokers in the market. Their titles only narrate their importance and hence one who seeks the low rate of brokerage prefers to go with the broker who offers a discount. He is also called as a discount broker.

There is not the much high number of a discount broker in India, and hence one who wants to get an account opened with such a broker needs to search the same in the local city as well as the platform of the internet. These brokers have limited branches,but they can offer the services to a remote trader also with the help of online accounts. Here the trader can trade on his own and in the case requires there are people to support him in case of any technical trouble.

Why is the discount broker important?

Well, as said earlier, in this market every penny is counted,and collection of such small amount can lead to a huge and considerable amount. The discount brokers offer low rates of brokerage,and hence one who trades frequently can save a hefty amount which otherwise he might have spent as a brokerage to the broker. He can reinvest such an amount and earn more profit due to increased trading regarding frequency as well as the amount. Hence from a trader point of view, this type of brokerage helps a lot to the trader as well as the broker in the market.

The brokerage and role of a discount broker:

In the market, the broker is paid brokerage with each trade by the client. However, it depends on the rate of brokerage but for a trader with a huge volume normal brokerage may be very expensive as in some cases he may hardly have small profit also. Adding to the low-profit trade, the brokerage may wipe off the profit, and sometimes one may have to bear the loss also. In such situation, the high rate of brokerage is something paining to the trader,and he may not be willing to trade with such a broker. If the brokerage is low, he can save a good amount on this charges which can be again invested in the market to fetch some more returns. Hence, in the long run, the low brokerage rate can be much useful to the trader.

As there is no fixed brokerage rate in the market, the trader seeks the brokers who do not charge high amount. Broker with low brokerage may not be offering other advisory services,but here the trader is also not willing to have such services as he is focused on the trading in the market only. In the derivative segment as well as in low intraday brokerage can be much useful to the trader in earning good profit.


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