Monday, April 23, 2018

Coir Carpet is a Perfect “Go Green” Preference for Floor Covering


Coir Carpet is one of the best and favorable natural plant floor covering especially for the people living with the trend of going green or eco-friendly when it comes to furnishing their home. Though, it is coarser as compared to other natural fibers and it very rustic in appearance moreover comes in the popular panama, herringbone and boucle weaves. Rather than such synthetic materials like nylon, this is made from the husks of coconuts, and makes for an incredibly durable and long lasting carpet option that might just be perfect for your home. It has a great potential as a carpeting material.

When people think of green and sustainable flooring, the first things that come to mind is carpets are woven with Coir and the reason for that is growing popularity of the fiber. Coir features a distinctive natural magnificence that other natural fiber carpets and rugs couldn’t really compare to.

Characteristics of Coir Carpet

-  Coir comes crafted from coconut husk fibers softened in sea water.

-  Rich and resilient, coir is husky, fibrous and tactile

- Though, Coir carpet is still relatively rare and harder to find than other options yet this is one of a known and popular natural plant floor covering owing to its favorable price. 

-  Such Carpets dry quickly hence mildew won’t have a chance to form, plus relieve you from the worry of a rotting floor covering.

-  Coir Carpets exude warmth thanks to their comforting golden hues.

-  Available in bleached and unbleached tones as per your preference.

-   Wash & vacuum easily. Clean-up such carpet is a cinch as the coarse coir fibers resist against dirt particles and react well to a mild soap.

-  Coir resistant to electrical energy therefore carpet woven with coir do not generate static electricity.

-  Coir fiber implements and sustains the “go-green” movement for planet safety and longevity as it is crafted from a renewable source.
-  An eco-friendly carpeting solution for your home and best suited even for the people with any kind of allergies and asthma. 

-  Coir has great insulation properties, particularly in regards to noise cancellation.

-  Coir is relatively inexpensive when compared to other natural fiber carpeting options.

In conclusion, Coir Carpet is although a rather exceptional and harder to find but is favorable for the people support the “go green” movement due to its above mentioned natural features. If you too wish to go with something unique that will make a statement in your home, the natural prettiness of coir might be perfect for you.

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