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Checkout These Hidden Gems In India


India is a country full of explorations, discoveries, and surprises. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia is India. India offers a variety of sights to see and things to do. The magnificence of the nation is enhanced by historical landmarks, forts, beaches, religious places, and hills. 

A trip to India is always fun. However, a well-planned trip can be ruined by lost luggage, expensive medical care abroad, lost crucial documents, cancellations, delays, and additional costs to cover them. A simple travel insurance will go a long way towards assisting you in minimising the effects of delays and unanticipated losses when travelling. Hence, it is always wise to be insured before travelling. Study the various types of travels insurance offered by the companies and choose one as per your need and budget.

Even though tourism is a rapidly expanding industry on the subcontinent, there are numerous unique locations that only some visitors are aware of and care about. The following list of 10 hidden gems in India is a must-see for all tourists.

1. Laitmawsiang, Meghalaya: For those looking for solace in the midst of nature, this small village in the Khatarshnong Laitkroh Block of the East Khasi Hills is the ideal retreat.

2. Chettinad Palace, Tamil Nadu: There are more destinations for history lovers besides Rajasthan. The Chettinad Palace in Tamil Nadu is a singular synthesis of tradition, art, and architecture.

3. Kerala's 13 Arch Bridge: Kazhathuruthi, part of the Kollam district, is home to Kerala's 13 Arch Bridge. This work of architecture is breathtaking. The 13 Arch is another architectural wonder built over a century ago from nothing but rocks.

4. Tada Falls/Ubbalamadugu Falls, Andhra Pradesh: These lesser-known waterfalls in Andhra Pradesh are hidden among picturesque hilltops and lush vegetation. Around the falls, hikers and trekkers seeking a peaceful retreat can be seen.

5. Goa's Arvalem Caves: The rock-cut caves in Goa are reminders of prehistoric times, including the times of the Pandavas and the Mahabharata. The Pandavas are claimed to have used these caves, which are 9 kilometres south of Bicholim Town, as a hideout during their exile.

6. Himachal Pradesh's Jhatingri: This tiny house is located five kilometres from Ghatasni on the way to Barot, despite Himachal being a well-known tourist destination. The hill village is ideal for people who don't like or generate a lot of noise because it is absolutely unspoiled.

7. Kashmir's Doodhpathri: Doodhpathari is one of India's most stunning meadows, and since it's only 42 kilometres from Srinagar, a visit there is almost required.

8. Kerala's Idukki: One of the most stunning areas is tucked away from the crazy tourist hordes. However, the journey through the forest is quite beautiful, and there are signs warning you to watch out for elephants along the side of the road.

9. ChalakudyKerala: Munnar and Thekkady should be avoided if you are an explorer; Chalakudy is the perfect location for you. In addition to the gorgeous Munakkal beach, it contains Mala and Azhicode's hills, fauna, waterfalls, and backwaters.

10. Nagarhole National Park: Nagarhole National Park, recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, includes a reserve of wildlife and vegetation that will please photographers.

Any of the above spots can be fun to visit and leave a wonderful impression on your mind. Do keep them in mind when planning your next holiday, and also get travel insurance to enjoy a carefree and relaxed trip. When you are insured, the travel insurance coverage* would also cover medical expenses if you, unfortunately, fall sick during the trip.

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