Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Travel Tips For A Trip To Thailand


Thailand is a top tourist destination home to many beautiful beaches, temples and scenic landscapes. Thailand is a popular tourist destination for Indians. People go there for expensive bachelorette parties, destination weddings, and other events. A Thailand visa for Indians is required to enter Thailand. However, Indians can obtain a visa upon arrival if their trip is exclusively for tourism and will last no longer than two weeks.

If visiting Thailand is on your bucket list, too, these travel tips to Thailand are sure to come in handy. Keep them in mind when you travel to Thailand

1. Carry cash: When you go to the markets in Thailand, it's a good idea to carry cash with you. Most of the time, a credit card can only be used at a few local stores and stands. Some smaller hotels also prefer to be paid in cash. Even though there are a lot of ATMs here, if you plan to go somewhere remote or off the grid, bring some cash with you.

2. Getting travel insurance: Travel insurance for Thailand is an important requirement for your trip to Thailand. If you don't have travel insurance, you might have to pay too much for medical care. When going to another foreign country, it is always best to have insurance.

3. Nightlife: Thailand is well known for its nightlife, and some of the travel tips to Thailand will have to be related to being responsible while enjoying the country after the sun sets.

4. Don't go to isolated beaches: Now, this is one of the travel tips for Thailand that could change a lot about how safe you feel there as a tourist. Who wouldn't want to lie on the beach and listen to the quiet of the sea? 

But as a safety tip, if you go to the beaches in Thailand, don't go to the beaches that are isolated. There are a lot of chances of getting robbed there. It would be better to go to beaches with a lot of people. There are also gangs that operate on such beaches that tend to drug tourists. So, it would benefit you to stay away from such beaches for your own safety.  

5. Try out the street food: This isn't just a tip for travelling to Thailand; it's something you HAVE to do here. Thai street food is known for making people want to lick their fingers. Don't be afraid to try some of the street food while you're here. 

6. Notify the restaurant about your food preference: If you are a vegan or pure vegetarian, you should tell the restaurant before you place your order so that they don't serve your non-veg food. You might have to explain to restaurants what it means to be a vegetarian by saying, "no chicken, no eggs, and no fish."

7. Thailand's Medical Facilities: Thailand has several effective and high-quality medical facilities. Unless you have international travel insurance that covers medical expenses, you will need to pay in advance. The number of hospitals in the nation, both private and public, is huge. You can research medical tourism to learn everything there is to know about it if you're looking for more sophisticated operations to be performed by doctors. 

We hope these travel tips have you enjoy yourself in the Land of Smiles. 

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