Sunday, March 12, 2023

Revature Talks About a Few Important Web Development Tools for Beginners



The duties of a developer involve not only coding, but also many time-consuming and complex tasks like managing servers and debugging errors. However, there is a range of tools available today that can majorly simplify the entire process without compromising on quality. A lot of these tools tend to have built-in automation and security features that can enhance the performance of the web application. Aspiring developers can seek out the assistance of Revature to get trained on how to use popular development tools and frameworks.

Revature underlines certain useful web development tools for beginners

Making use of specific web development tools is crucial for a newbie developer in order to streamline their workflow and deliver impressive results. These tools can help them to effectively create, edit, maintain, and troubleshoot applications. Here are a few web development tools for beginners:

  • GitHub: Providing a web-based graphical interface, GitHub is an open-source, cloud-based Git repository hosting service. It can be a great platform for beginners to create a personal brand as a web developer and expand their networks. It also comes with flexible project management tools that aid companies in adapting to almost any workflow, project or team with ease.
  • Sublime Text: For beginners who can simply started to learn how to code, using Sublime Text can be of a huge help. It is basically all-in-one text editor for markup, prose and code. Sublime Text is quite lightweight but still manages to provide a range of advanced features. For instance, with its assistance, developers can enable simultaneous editing in order to control several cursors and edit multiple lines of code at once.
  • Marvel: Marvel is a popular wire-framing tool for swiftly and easily designing varied projects. This web based collaborative design platform provides robust user testing and prototyping features. Owing to its user friendly interface, web designers and developers of all levels can use Marvel for creating high-quality mockups and design specifications for their web apps.
  • Visual Studio Code: This -source code editor includes a range of built-in features like auto-complete, syntax highlighting, as well as Git commands that makes coding faster and easier. Apart from a built-in debugger and terminal, Visual Studio Code also supports code analysis tools and software integrations with other major web development tools, including Git. Visual Studio Code is free to use. Developers may even download the Insiders version to access the latest releases and new features of the tools. It even is possible to install both versions and use them together or independently.

Over the years, web development tools have come a long way. They allow newbie developers to harness the power of tested libraries to improve their workflow, as well as explore greater possibilities for responsive design. With ever-improving version control systems, many of these tools also enable developers to build things together. However, with the number of development tools available increasing every passing day, finding the right software to learn and use can be confusing. This is where companies like Revature come in. They help aspiring developers to get trained in some of the most in-demand development tools and skills.


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