Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Know The Job Role Of Conveyancing Solicitors In Essex


A conveyancing solicitor is a legal professional, associated with solicitors. They are integral to the process of purchasing or selling property. Conveyancers are lawyers who specialize in the preparation of documentation and contracts for the sale, purchase, and transfer of land between two parties. They will also draft other documents related to transfers of ownership such as easements, covenants, caveats, etc., which might be applicable to the transaction. The conveyancer's role includes liaising closely with other professionals dealing with your transaction, including mortgage providers and home inspectors. For anyone involved in buying or selling property "conveyancing" should not be confused with "selling", it is more about facilitating the transfer of ownership rather than marketing or negotiating the sale price during negotiations. 

Here are a few reasons why to hire one, even after your house purchase has been completed.

1. Negotiation On Behalf Of The Seller

The Conveyancer Solicitor will be able to negotiate with the seller on your behalf, saving you time and stress of having to speak directly with them about issues such as fixtures and fittings, heating system problems, and other repairs like creaky floorboards, etc.

2. Helps To Solve Issues

While most buyers wouldn't think twice about their legal rights before signing the offer of sale; however, once they become homeowners they manage to find more and more 'issues' with the property they have just bought. This is where the conveyancing solicitors in Essex can help you.

3. Expert Guidance
If you have never been through a conveyancing process before, it can be a daunting task. By hiring
conveyancing solicitors in Essex, you will have someone who is an expert in this field, who can guide you through every step of the way and answer any questions you may have.

4. Title Search

The solicitor will also carry out a title search on the property to ensure that there are no outstanding mortgages or loans against it that you weren't made aware of before making your purchase offer.

5. Tax Benefits

Your solicitor can also help you to set up a property ownership company (or limited company) if you plan on owning more than one property. This can help to protect your assets and can provide some tax benefits too.

6. Arrangement Of Documents

Your conveyancing solicitor will also arrange all of the legal documents that are needed for you to move into your new home.

7. Help With Boundary Disputes

They will advise you at all stages of selling or buying a property and may be able to help with other legal issues relating to properties or land, such as boundary disputes or problems with tenancy agreements.

8. Saves Money

Finally, hiring a legal representative for this process can save you money in the long run if there is any dispute over who owns what after you have bought the property. A solicitor will be able to represent you in court and help to get the best outcome for you.


When buying a house, it is important to hire the right solicitor. Your conveyancer will help you with negotiating and fixing any issues that come up after your purchase. They can also provide legal protection if something goes wrong during or after settlement.


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