Saturday, November 27, 2021

Helping Your Child For Write A Letter To Santa



As Christmas is on its way, writing a letter to the North Pole is one of the most exciting aspects of the festival for your children. This year you can add fun to the tradition by helping your child with letter writing. It will be a bonding process for you two and in the meantime, you can also improve the writing skills of your children.

Remember that your small one believes in Santa Claus and hence writing this letter would be a serious and emotional affair for them, so it's essential that you act accordingly. Give importance to the whole process, and follow the given tips to help your child write the best Letter to Santa.

       Choosing A Time- Firstly, you should choose a time when you are not in a rush. You can do it after work or during the weekends. Rushing the process would not let you and your child enjoy it. Spend time and give them ideas about what they can write in the letter.

       Planning Ahead- Once you have chosen the time that works for you, let your child know about it. This will make them excited about the tradition and they will eagerly wait for you to join them when they write about all the things they want from their favourite Santa Claus.

     Switch Off- As mentioned earlier, do not let work or any other distractions come your way when you are writing a Letter to Santa with your child. Switch off your electronic devices and concentrate only on spending time with your little one.

       Gathering Supplies- Talk to your kids and ask them how they would want their letter to be. Do they just want to write down everything or also want to draw their wishes? Encourage them to use colours and images so that they can better express their ideas. Help them with new thoughts, something that will make them excited.

       Start The Letter- Ask your child to start the letter with a greeting. They should not right away write about the things they want this Christmas. Make them understand that it is not the right way and can make them look rude. You can also encourage them to write about their adventures, secrets and be expressive about the thoughts they have in mind. Also, encourage them to ask about the well-being of Santa, North-Pole and his reindeers. You can ask them to create a wishlist for the homeless people and write it in the letter.

Encourage them to be creative and tell them to write everything that would help in bringing joy to the entire work. To give a final touch to this, ask to write the North Pole address on top of an envelope so that you can send the letter.



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