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Online BCA Degree Course


About Bachelor's in Computer Application Degree

Bachelor of Computer Application or BCA is a three-year undergraduate course that imparts knowledge and skills for basic computer applications and software development. BCA covers a wide variety of subjects such as programming in different computer languages, operating systems, Data Base Management Systems, Web designing, and many more. 

Distance BCA helps students build a foundation for their careers and gain knowledge and industry-needed skills without ever going to college. it provides a lot of flexibility to those who want to pursue BCA while doing full-time jobs. That's why the number of students opting for distance education is increasing every year.

Distance BCA eligibility.

Students must have at least an aggregate of 55% marks in 10+2 from any stream to appear in the entrance exams. many colleges don't require an entrance exam, check your college requirements before applying.

Syllabus of Distance BCA

The BCA program imparts some very high in demand subjects, which will make you a trained professional, ready for the everchanging industry.

Some of the subjects are as follows.

  • Web Designing
  • Software Engineering
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Programming Languages such as C, C++, PYTHON, JAVA.
  • Operating Systems
  • Data Structures
  • Database Management Systems
  • Web Development
  • Computer Networks.

The program will start by teaching you basic concepts of these subjects but by the end, you would be proficient in them.

Students will also go through real-life projects and learn about the challenges faced in these careers; the projects will also help them to find their strengths and weaknesses and then improve them.

Why online Bachelor of Computer Applications?

As mentioned above the BCA course imparts very valuable knowledge and skills and is very popular among students of our country. Online BCA is for those who can't come to college regularly and wants to pursue graduation at the comfort of their own house and time schedule. many of these students either work full time or live-in different time zones.

Distance BCA: Top Colleges

  • Lovely Professional University
  • School of distance education, Bharathiar University
  • Suresh Gyan Vihar University
  • Tamil Nadu open university
  • Chandigarh University
  • Jain University

Career and job opportunities after BCA

The IT industry in India is growing at a very fast pace right now, according to the reports and statistics, the need for skilled professionals will be doubled by the year 2025.
The BCA course provides a very diverse choice of jobs and careers, it depends upon your skills and the field you chose.

Some of the BCA jobs are as follows.

Software Developer-
the job of the software engineer is to design and manage software and is responsible for its smooth functioning.

System Analyst-
System analyst job is to analyze and solve business queries with the help of IT.

Web Developer-
the job of a web developer is to create websites and web pages with the help of programming languages.

IT Technical Support Developer-
their job is to diagnose and solve hardware problems.

Data Scientist-
their job is to sort through a large amount of data and share their insights with others using digital visualization, using machine learning.

Business Analyst-
Business Analyst helps their organization make better-informed
decisions, by using their data to generate insights.

Students can find stability after 2-5 years of employment.


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