Thursday, September 16, 2021

Causes and cure of faucet leaks



Did you notice water dripping from the faucet or mold near your kitchen cabinets? Well, it not only damages your house, but also wastes a lot of water. Water dripping slowly from a faucet can drain approximately 5 gallons of water in a day. But if you can fix it early using professional plumbing services, it would save your house as well as the water.

The damage caused by faucet leakage

Faucet leakage can damage the bathtubs, sinks and shower of your bathroom. It can cause molds on the wall, and later, may damage the base. It can also attract insects and pests, causing an unhealthy living condition. Additionally, you may have to pay high water bills too.

How to find out the leakage?

Well, it is not easy to find the leakage. But if you know how to do it, you can easily find the water leakages around you. The repairing should be done at the earliest to prevent a major damage.

High water bills

Well, if you see your water bills are increasing and you’re sure it’s not you or your family members using that much amount of water anyway, it must be faucet leakage that is causing the trouble. Check under the bathroom or kitchen sink, you may be able to locate it. And if you’re not able to, it might be the underground pipes. An experienced plumber can be of much help.

Check the amount of water used

An average household cannot use 12 thousand gallons of water per month (Source : Enviornmental Protection Agency US). So if the water usage exceeds, you must search for the option “Plumbers near me” in your google and call the professional plumbing service providers with more positive reviews. Alternatively, you can ask for help from your neighbors who might be aware of the best plumbers in the neighborhood.

Check the water meter

Close all the water outlets, and the faucets. Turn off the appliances like gysers, washing machines and dishwashers. Now, wait for the meter’s numbers. If it changes, the leakage problem is major. If the numbers do not change significantly, you can take it easy. But do not keep the plumber checking due for long.

The color water test for toilet flush

Your toilet is consuming around 30% of the total household water used, but a leakage might be more dangerous if its from the toilet. Get some color dye, and pour a few drops in the tank. Wait for some time and watch the toilet bowl. If you find any color in the bowl, there’s water leakage problem.

Professional plumbing services is all you need!

If your house is more than 20 years, if you have noticed water dripping or molds on the walls and corners of the house, seek help from the professional plumbers and ask them to check the faucets and underwater pipes immediately.

Additionally, you can check for leakage detection system that can monitor the water flow and detect the abnormalities in the pipes. The system would stop the water flow by closing the water valves. You would get to know beforehand if the tub is overflowing or the pipes have bursted before they cause major issues. I have searched the best professional plumbing services near me to get the system installed, and you can do it too.

The best plumbing services can take care of your water outlets, underground pipes, sinks and sewer lines to ensure you are not in trouble with water-related issues and your appliances can work smoothly.

Additionally, if you are living in an area with hard water, make sure to clean the faucets regularly. Dirt and hard water can damage and clog the pipes, causing leakage issues.

Make sure to follow these simple steps and keep your water outlets and appliances well and hearty!


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