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University of Phoenix on Tips for Entrepreneurship



We all have ideas, but what does it take to bring those ideas to life? More specifically, how might our ideas manifest into a business that can bring us professional fulfillment? A career as an entrepreneur may help answer these questions. Entrepreneurship can empower you to become your own boss. While only answering to yourself in a professional setting may seem like a fantasy, living out the dream of being your own boss does not manifest overnight. Here are four tips to help you know whether entrepreneurship is right for you and how to manage your expectations along the way.

Tip #1: Set your intentions

Do you want to fuse two concepts into a single project? Do you have a single idea for a product that you have never seen anything like on the market? When beginning an entrepreneurial project, knowing why you want to start out and what you want to offer is critical. In practice, understanding your potential impact as a catalyst for your day-to-day tasks is one of the most important reasons that explain how entrepreneurs meet their goals. You can build this mindset by questioning yourself about your ideas and your objectives.

Tip #2: Trust your instincts

Bringing a unique idea to life is not always easy, especially when starting from scratch. But successful entrepreneurs know how to stay confident despite the twists and turns of starting a business. Their confidence comes from seeing the bigger picture of what their ideas can accomplish.

If you find yourself struggling to trust your instincts in an entrepreneurial project, consider the personality traits of many great entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are often adaptable, resilient and insightful. They are usually self-starters who do not shy away from adopting new roles and responsibilities. If their newly adapted tasks are not what they initially planned to accomplish, they can still remain excited for the challenge ahead.

Because entrepreneurs are often risk-takers, trusting your instincts is a matter of survival when launching your idea. You must be comfortable with the idea of challenges like not being paid regularly, facing unexpected costs, struggling with logistics and possibly even failing to turn a profit. The unknown can be scary, but successful entrepreneurs do not let their fears dominate their professional objectives.

Tip #3: Find the correct type of entrepreneurship for you

Successful entrepreneurs usually have a clear vision regarding why they want to pursue their ideas as a business venture. They know how their business may disrupt the market to improve consumer lives. When their ideas get big, they scale their projects accordingly.

Entrepreneurship is far from a one-size-fits-all endeavor, and for this reason, not every entrepreneurial project will use the same framework. According to Indeed, there are nine major categories of entrepreneurship that you can conder based on your needs or desired approach:


     Small business

     Large company

     Scalable startup








Tip #4: Commit to your education

Successful entrepreneurs must work across professional niches when launching a new endeavor. For example, if an entrepreneur is a management expert, they do not shy away from working outside their comfort zone in finance, advertising or digital marketing. Because entrepreneurs need to wear many hats to get their idea up and running, those most successful with their projects are often committed to lifelong learning.

University of Phoenix offers a wide array of coursework for prospective entrepreneurs to begin their education and skill growth for entrepreneurship. One option is the Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship Certificate, an 18-credit online program that typically takes seven months to complete. Coursework covers aspects of developing a small business, managing finances, marketing to consumers and understanding business laws and regulations.

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