Sunday, May 2, 2021

Melanotan Freckles; The Tanning Injection- A Guide


Let’s be honest, andmany might have experienced the “oh, please, I want that too!” moment when seen actors and actresseshad beautiful tanned skin. It’s attractive and also addicting for one, wanting to be the same way.

And trust me, it’s not easy. Anyone who would’ve tried it knows that it isn’t. Also, it’s not just the fact that it isn’t easy but also the fact that it’s highly damaging. One may wonder why, and the answer is simple if one knows that sunlight has ultraviolet rays along with it. Overexposure to these UV rays is highly damaging, a major cause for skin damage and also a reason for skin cancer.

And that’s when an alternative method opts my many, Melanotan Freckles, a type of tanning injection which promises to cause the required tanning as one wants.

How do these tanning injections work?

Explaining in simple words, these tanning injections enter the body to produce an effect that triggers and causes the release of melanin, the pigment responsible body colour, the more the amount of melanin in the body, the darker is the skin colour.

To understand more, here’s a biological explanation.

There are two types of Melanotan Freckles Injection. Both the injections follow the same purpose of copying the hormone, alpha-melanocyte, responsible for melanin secretion in the body by reaction with the melanocortin receptors.

How to use Melanotan injections?

It’s pretty simple to use Melanotan injections. However, there are a few things to keep in mind if one wants to take the injection.

        The first thing is the Melanotan comes as a powder. To make it a solution, it needs to be in sterile water in proper ratios, depending on skin type, existing colour, and the final desired colour; all of these need different proportions.

        It’s not a one-time thing. Just like maintaining a good face and skin requires constant efforts, the same goes if one wants to tan their skin using tanning injections. For best and continuous results, a regular and recommend dosage of injections are necessary. Though sometimes one may go on for months without using these injections, they’ll have to start the injections again if they desire the same result.

        One may wonder where to take the injection, whether is it under the skin or direct insertion into the muscles, well the location doesn’t matter, and one can choose it on their own till the time the Melanotan is going inside the body.

Though there are various things to keep in mind and keep in check, if one wants to, they can opt for the injections. But it’s better to look out for skin type and check if they’re having a particular ant reaction after the first usage.


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