Friday, April 16, 2021

A Quick Guide to NMN: All You Should Know About It


As we get older, many things happen to us, some of which are pleasant and others which are not so nice. Here's where NMN comes in, as it can help you stay well as you get older. NMN can help to prevent some biological conditions related to a greater risk of heart disease, muscle endurance, blood flow, and many more!!

You may be in doubt: Is it a safe supplement, or is it right for you? Then you must go to my blog to know more about its benefits, side effects, and dosage or scroll down!!

NMN: Benefits It Can Offer

1.       Helps with Muscle Endurance and Strength

According to studies, Mice fed NMN for long periods had higher energy metabolism with no apparent side effects. As we age and our supply of NAD+ decreases, the fitness of our muscles becomes more significant.

2.       Guards Against Heart Disease

At least, your skeletal muscles get to take a rest. But your heart can't stop beating, and it can't even slow down much without having significant complications. As a result, the heart's energy demand is enormous. And it has to make as much NAD+ as it can to keep going. Because of this, cardiac cells need a constant supply of NMN.

3.       Improve Vascular Health and Flow of Blood

Our skeletal muscles are responsible for mobility, stability, and endurance. These muscles must consume large quantities of essential energy molecules, including glucose and fatty acids, to stay strong and in good shape. Our muscles need a constant supply of NAD+'s building blocks, such as NMN, to metabolize these molecules.

Are There Any Side Effects of NMN?

Currently, no adverse effects of nicotinamide mononucleotide have been recorded in humans. The majority of research on NMN has been performed in rodents, with positive effects on metabolism, brain function, liver, skin, muscle, bone structure, heart health, fertility, immunity, and lifespan.

A single human analysis of NMN found no safety issues after single oral doses of 100, 250, and 500 mg of NMN. Scientists discovered no heart rate changes, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, or body temperature five hours after a single oral administration of NMN.

What is the Recommended Dose for Human Consumption?

Animal studies have shown that rising NAD+ levels can reverse various age-related illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, and neurodegeneration. Increasing the molecule's concentration even increased the lifespans of yeast, worms, and mice. The NAD+-boosting ability of NMN in animals and its health-promoting properties led scientists to believe in the molecule's therapeutic potential. Scientists are now conducting clinical trials to determine if NMN is effective, how much we can take, and what it does to our bodies.

Clinical Trials on Safety of NMN!

In Japan, an international team of researchers conducted the first human clinical trial for NMN to investigate the molecule's protection. Despite the small size of the Phase one clinical trial, the study found that doses of up to 500mg of orally administered NMN are safe in humans, implying a possible therapeutic strategy.

In Conclusion

Always consult with your doctor before taking any sort of supplement. If this excites you, then you must click here to visitto know more about NMN!


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