Saturday, April 3, 2021

3d Printing – Benefits


Product development is achiever in three different ways. There is the traditional printing method, subtractive manufacturing in which the material is cut layer by layer continuouslyfill the desired product is achieved.

The injection moulding is another method where the manufacturing takes place by placing heated material in moulds. Lately, Business services/Printing service have embraced 3d printing, which is the manufacturing process that uses computer files to produce three dimensional products by adding material layer by layer. This is why it is also referred to as additive Printing.

The stir that 3d printing has created in the manufacturing world is owed to the many benefits that it has over the traditional printing methods like the subtractive printing and the injection moulding. 

Theumpteen advantages of 3d printing singapore have made 3d printing more adaptable by manufacturers from different industries. The advantages are far too many to ignore. Let us break through a few of them.


Before 3d printing came into the picture, the manufacturing of a particular product from the prototype would take several weeks to be ready. Every time there was a change to be made, it would take a few weeks more and then the shipping time. Everything put into consideration, it would take hell lot of time to reach its final stage.

However, 3d printing technology uses rapid prototyping. Rapid prototyping makes the designing, manufacturing and testing of products super fast. Any changes to be made also does not effect the process adversely. As far as speed is concerned, 3d printing aces it.


3d printing is the most cost effective manufacturing process. Unlike the traditional printing methods that use heavy and expensive machinery and also trained expert technicians to run the machinery. In contrast to this, 3d printing requires minimal machinery and there is less wastage of material as it only adds material instead of subtracting it in the process if manufacturing the product.


In traditional printing methods, every time a new product is manufactured or even any change to be made to a particular design for that matter requires a new mould. It is done from scratch.

However, in the 3d printing method the a given printer can come up with any product if it fits into its capacity. Any changes if needed to be made are fed to the software with the required supports and that is all it takes for a change to be made to the design.

3d printing is far superior when compared to the traditional manufacturing methods. Considering the time, costs and flexibility it offers, it has an upper hand over the other industrial methods.Small production runs, small businesses and for educational use 3d printing is the best option.


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