Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Which Anarkali Style Suit is Best for Summer Weddings?


Anarkali suit is the best south Indian dress for women. There are literally tons of Anarkali suits available online and you can easily pick the best one if you do a slight amount of research. If you are looking for Anarkali suits online, then there are many websites online. You can find an Anarkali suit that matches your style preferences and also for winter and summer weddings. Whatever be the occasion, you can find an Anarkali that matches your style when you buy it online.

In this blog, you will learn how to style an Anarkali suit if you are going for a summer wedding. Follow them carefully so that you can shine at the wedding ceremony and people can’t take their eyes off you. Glance through the style tips below:

1.   Pair an Anarkali with a Palazzo: Anarkali suit is usually worn with churidars or sometimes straight pants. But now with the advent of palazzos into the market, the styles have changed, and they have become the new trend. Fashion is growing very rapidly, and women want their elegance to match their comfort needs. So, the trendy designs in which the palazzos came into the market made them the versatile bottom wears that look fantastic with an Anarkali suit. A palazzo adds more blaze to the Anarkali. Pair an Anarkali with a palazzo of contrast colour for a unique look.

2.   Rock your look with a necklace: A chunky necklace will enhance your looks even more for sure. If you want to make a style statement, then you have to try something different for sure. Even if your outfit is a bit heavy, adding jewellery will give a boost and raise your beauty. For a sophisticated look, try long length necklaces.

3.   Wear statement earrings: Nothing looks more gorgeous than wearing ethnic earrings for an Anarkali suit. Jhumkas, Kundan earrings, or hanging earrings look great with an Anarkali. Earrings will immediately enhance your look. So, it is important that you choose earrings carefully so that it matches the shape of your face and augments facial characteristics.

4.   Wear traditional juttis: Speaking of Anarkalis, high heels must be worn when you wear an Anarkali. You can’t deny the fact that stylish high heels paired with long-length Anarkalis are the perfect match. Buy statement juttis that look good to the eyes so that they will give a luxurious touch to you.

5.   Drape stylishly: To jazz up your Anarkali style, you must drape the dupatta in a stylish way. The role of a dupatta while you dress in an Anarkali suit is matchless. The way you drape will change your style and looks. There are many draping styles as you know and each one of them gives a unique charm to enhance the looks and offer the elegance you require in your favourite outfit. Drape rightly, and you are ready for a lavish look best for a royal party.

Since we are talking about a summer wedding, make sure whatever you wear is of light colours only to look great. If you are looking for Anarkali suits online, visit to find some of the best ones that need a place in your wardrobe.


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