Monday, March 8, 2021

What about doing camp at Manali?



Here when comes to camping in Manali, it is the best choice of visiting here. Many of them love this place because of its amazing adventure features available here. Once you people hire here then you can feel the better experience in trekking. Basically, Manali is the best place which is surrounded by lots of flowers and mountains. Here the famous one is the igloo stay. Choosing the month of October to February is the right time for you to view all the adventures and natures available here in Manali. The Manali camping gives you the better experience of hiring more features for the tourists to visit all the locations and spots of viewpoint. If you spend one week then you can able to enjoy all the spots with a lot of memorable experience in life. But the adventurous extravaganza has a host of its own glorious elements to offer, all of which are covered in the detailed itinerary of the camping. So you can calculate the distance and traveling time period before itself. Look up this article to know more about making camp here at Manali.


Adventurous features of choosing this spot

Here when comes to know about this, there are many features available for you to make use of this Manali camping with a better experience. Whenever you are planning to make a trip or camping, then choosing Manali is the right and best choice for you. Here can feel all your excitement and journey in a luxurious manner. Once you are right with your choice then you can choose this Manali igloo to stay for your trek. At night all the hotels and buildings in the Manali region including Kullu Valley are visible in their full glory from our guesthouse in Hampta creating a mesmerizing and spellbinding view. 

Hampta camping 

The hampta camps give you good results of trekking experience. The best months to trek are May and June and August through October. The reason why Hampta pass is a famous trekking zone is snow; the pass has lump sum snow which draws more tourists. The nearest station is Manali. Therefore, the trip starts from Manali to Chika via Jobra. From Jobra the trek is undertaken by walk. This route comprises the first day. Balu ka Ghera is reached on the second day. 

Good camping experience 

Here they give variation in the trails is enormous; scenic landscapes, open green pastures and meadows, glacial valleys, easy access and an exceptional, adventurous, and hair raising crossing of the pass makes this trekking expedition to Hampta pass an exciting one. This region gives different travel seasons every month. So it is better to visit there in the month of October to February for the better climate temperature. . Here you can start your camping journey with your people and loved ones and can make more memories regarding this Hampta camping experience. You will come across mind-boggling and stupendous glaciers, cornice formation, and snows all the way along. 


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