Tuesday, March 2, 2021

How to Count People at Work: Different Tracking Technologies


We can all agree that having comprehensive analytics about your customers is essential for boosting your business and taking it to the next level. However, E-Commerce retailers already use numerous tools to help them reach more customers and visitors.

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The questions are, can brick-and-mortar shops do it too.Besides, the answer is yes, by using people counting systems. We are talking about people tracking or counting systems that use specific software with real-time data so that you can get information about your visitors.

If you do not know how this particular system operates, you are not the only one. Here, we will present you the different options you can find on the market, which will improve your bottom line, optimize operations, and transform your business.

What is a People Counter?

The main idea is to place specifically made people tracking sensors at strategic locations of your store or business location. That way, sensors will count every visitor who enters and exits the store, and you can use the data through its native app or software.

It is a necessary explanation of how things work when it comes to these systems. Of course, we can differentiate various types based on the way they collect data and other information.

When you place sensors at exits and entrances, you will be able to get an exact count of how many people leave and enters your store. Keep in mind that minimum accuracy is 98%, but it depends on the model of counter you decide to get.

At the same time, if you place sensors outside the store, you will be able to count traffic data and how many passers will enter your store. That way, you can create a good campaign that’ll help you deal with the overall process.

However, getting information that you can use is just a start. You will understand more about your current operations, target audience, and other factors that will help you build a successful marketing strategy by analyzing them.

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The Importance of Occupancy Tracking Data

The first thing you will be able to get out of the counters is the traffic data we have mentioned above. We are talking about the overall number of people that entered your store. Besides, you can collect and gather data from various periods and timeframes depending on your preferences.

That way, you can measure your business's performance, which will aid you to determine how many visitors are converting into customers.

Another important consideration is that you will be able to analyze data further to determine the best way to attract more people. As soon as you analyze the number of visitors with people passing by, you will be able to get a percentage of people who entered your store.

That will allow you to create an excellent campaign to drive more people towards your store. Simultaneously, if the number of people entering is more significant than the conversion rate, it means that something is deal breaker inside your store.

By using the metrics we havestated above, you will be able to learn more about your target customers and their behavior, which will help you increase sales, among other things.

Behavior Analysis

One of the best things about people counters is the ability to use analytics to determine your customers' behaviors. That way, you can find out why customers behave a particular way in your store.

Apart from traffic data, you could measure other analytics as well. For instance, you can implement sensors within your store to see which areas are most and least popular.

Besides, you can make a strategy about your staff depending on peak hours, to improve overall customer satisfaction among other things.

As soon as you collect the critical retail analytics and footfall data, the next thing you should consider is to use the information to your advantage. If you do not use all insights you gathered, the sensors will become pointless.

The software you will get will obtain data and secure it based on the latest technological advancements. That way, you can rest assured and create proper strategies that will help you with the process.


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