Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Education- Gce A Level Course In Ins World Institute


Nowadays education has become an integral part of every student life. Education improves the quality and standard of life. 

In previous day’ssome courses like medicine and engineering have more demand and everyone want to study those courses as their prioritybut now the scenario has changed people are joining in many courses and the job opportunities also increased a lot to every field. Among the new courses GCE a level is one of the new courses offered by the INS WORLD INSTITUTE.

Course details and duration

GCE a level is a subject-based course offered to the students who completed their secondary or equivalent education. GCE level exam is considered as the qualification for some universities.

The course duration for this A level course is two years with six terms. Students can take three or four subjects in the first year if the course and the rest of the three can be completed in the second year. The course of the first year is generally covering the superficial topics of the subject, the second year will be dealt with in depthof the subject.

The first year score will be considered as advanced subsidiary level and it contributes to the half of the score in the A level score. The second year score alone is not considered for the A level and is always combined with the first year score to pursue the A level grade.

The age limit of the course is 16-18. The classroom contains only limited number of students, the main motto of this is to provide quality of education for every student. The classes generally starts once in the month of January and also in July, two batches per year.

There should be English qualification is compulsory to join the course. Students with IELS score more than five and TOEFL score above 220 or equivalent exam can get admission into this course.

Subjects Available To Complete The Course

  • Biology
  • Accounting
  • Biochemistry
  • Applied information  communication
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • History
  • English language
  • Art and design etc.

Student can select any one of the subjects depending on their interest. After attaining the A level student can join in other universities for further studies.  There is one flexibility available to the students that they can retake the first year exam if he/she is not satisfied with their results. After the retake the highest marks will be taken into consideration.


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