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Choose VPS hosting for a seamlessly running business website


VPS or Virtual Private Server is a much-preferred hosting service with many websites choosing it over other services. Your website gets dedicated resources in a server while there are many other users of the same server.

The best part is that it works out to be a cost-effective solution because you do not need to hire an entire dedicated server, on the one hand, while it offers a stable server solution vis-à-vis shared servers.

VPS Hosting for  running business website

Most often, as data suggests, small or medium-scale businesses or start-up companies go in for VPS. If the traffic on your server is not extremely high, this is a good option to choose.

Hosting companies that offer VPS hosting in India usually offer multiple plans and packages so that users can choose as per their requirements and budget.

Why choose VPS hosting?

Before answering why VPS website hosting is suitable for many organizations, it is important to understand the different types of hosting.

  1. Shared hosting – One physical server that multiple sites or clients share is shared hosting. There are no dedicated resources here, so the speed, memory, and computing power of the systems can be affected drastically by others using the same services.
  2. Cloud hosting – Multiple servers are working in the cloud as a cluster. When one server is busy, the traffic gets redirected to another server. VPS hosting can happen in the cloud as well as in the physical server.
  3. Dedicated hosting – An entire server, in the physical or the virtual world, is used for your site. It makes work fast and flexible but is one of the costliest options.

Why virtual private server hosting?

  • One of the prominent reasons to choose VPS is that website hosting charges and the performance quality.
  • VPS is way faster compared to shared hosting. There are dedicated resources on the server for your site – this means lesser or negligible fluctuations in performance.
  • The other part of the servers in use by other users does not affect your website's performance. It helps offer a seamless experience to the traffic on your site.
  • VPS is popular because the site owner gets root access on the server while maintaining data privacy intact.
  • The website hosting charges are substantially lesser than the dedicated hosting solution.

Even though VPS hosting costs more than shared hosting, it is a big help for companies that get medium-level traffic on their site. The higher level of performance offsets the price difference.

Due to the smooth performance of the site, VPS hosting works out to be a cost-effective solution.

You may consider VPS hosting when you are ready to scale up your business to the next level.

The decision to move to VPS from shared hosting should be taken after undertaking a comparative analysis of the pros and cons of both options and the higher output expected vis-à-vis, the higher costs.

However, if yours is an e-commerce store that needs to accept payments of different types, it is advisable to go in for VPS hosting from the initial days. 

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