Monday, February 15, 2021

Is COVID Causing Risks To Your Dental Health?


The COVID19 pandemic has highly impacted several peoples’ lives. It has brought a huge change in the daily routine of many. As a result of such changes, their health has been affected. One such effect of COVID is on dental health, both directly and indirectly.  Some of the risk factors posed by the COVID19 pandemic on dental health are:-

Change in food habit

Before the COVID-induced pandemic, people used to follow a particular routine. If the person is working, they used to begin the day with a hearty breakfast, take some food or eat at the canteen of their workplace for lunch, and have some tiffin and dinner at their house. They change their food habit depending on their work schedule. However, due to the pandemic, they have restricted them to their house. Therefore, they have all their meals at their house. Their food habits have changed, which can affect their dental health. For example, they can have excess junk food that can damage their teeth.

Unavailability of dentist

Because of the pandemic-induced lockdown, most people are restricted to their houses. Similarly, most dentists also restrict themselves to their house as well. Moreover, dental treatment is one such treatment that prevents social distancing, and therefore, could not be conducted during the pandemic. Other kinds of doctors can treat people over the phone, but dentists cannot. Therefore, if there is a dental emergency, you might face issues in finding a proper dentist near you. However, there are eminent London dentist who you can avail of during the lockdown. 

Problems of transport during a dental emergency

The COVID19 pandemic has hit general transport in a bad manner. If you have your own transport facility, it will not be a problem for you to reach the dentist in an emergency. However, if you avail the general transport, you might face a problem during the emergency.  There are fewer transport facilities, and you might have to wait a lot before getting a proper one. You might also not want to visit the dentist frequently for this matter; you prefer to visit only during major conditions.

More time to take care of your teeth

Along with the risks of dental health associated with COVID19, there are some benefits. Since people are confined to their house, they might get more time to take care of their dental health. They no longer have to rush to their workplaces. They can brush and floss regularly and inspect for any dental issues. However, people have suffered from depression and excessive eating due to such lockdown, which can take a toll on their dental health. Therefore, despite having more time, people might not bother taking care of their dental health.

Therefore, dental health is a big issue that needs to be addressed during this COVID19 pandemic. There are several risks associated, which can be averted by having a responsible approach towards them.


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