Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Which Type of Dental Crown Is Best?


If you are in need of a new dental crown in Brooklyn, your dentist will probably go over a few different options with you. It can be overwhelming sometimes to make the decision in the moment, but there are a few different types of crowns to choose from. Knowing ahead of time the difference between crown types may help you make your decision faster.


Temporary crowns are not designed to stay on your tooth permanently. It is something the dentist places while waiting for your permanent crown to be made. The temporary one is placed with an adhesive that is easy to remove so your permanent crown can be easily placed at your next appointment. Temporary crowns may also be used on dental implants Brooklyn patients have while they wait for a permanent implant crown to be made. Crowns can be made from the following materials:

·         Ceramic

·         Composite resin

·         Metal

·         Zirconia


Your dentist may give you the option of a one-day crown. For this one, the entire procedure is done in a single visit that usually takes a few hours. The crown is made using computer-aided design. The dentist's office will take some images, and then the crown is shaped while your tooth is being prepped.


A partial crown is one that only covers part of your tooth. You may also hear it referred to as an inlay or an onlay. Similar to a one-day crown, a partial crown may be available for placement in a single visit.

Other Permanent Crowns

Other permanent crowns besides the one-day and partial options are sent to an outside lab to be made. When you go with this option, you will have the temporary crown placed first.

If your teeth have sustained damage or decay over time, a crown can be useful in protecting what's left of your teeth or your new implant until a more permanent solution is ready. 


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