Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Benefits of Before and After School Programs


Are you the parent of a young child? If so, what does he or she do before or after school? Since children spend so much time outside the classroom, it is critical to make the best of the hours they are not in school. The thing is, school only provides so many learning opportunities. If you want to make sure your children are spending their mornings and evenings wisely, one option you have is a before or after school program.

Some good things about these programs include:

1. Health Benefits

When you look for before and after school care Severna Park MD, you will find options that provide both nutritional and physical health perks. Many programs offer snacks as well as opportunities to play with classmates. This can be great for children who otherwise do not have the chance to exercise. Another bonus of this is the social and emotional learning that takes place. When kids are playing and eating together, they are also socializing and growing as people.

2. Academic Benefits

Many before and after school programs provide homework help. Additionally, children usually have time to work on their school work everyday. For families who struggle to create an ideal learning space outside of school, this can be a good way to help your child focus.

3. Safety Benefits

Filling extra time with ideal learning environments can be especially difficult for working parents because of scheduling issues. When both parents are working, it gives some children more freedom than they know how to handle. Sometimes, it can lead to trouble such as behavioral problems or drug use. Having a responsible adult around when you are at work can give you some peace of mind.

For better or for worse, much of a child's education comes experiences other than school. If you worry about what your son or daughter is doing in the off hours, consider looking into a before or after school program.


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