Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Can a magic bullet blender crush ice?



Magic bullet blender is a popular product among the new generation blenders. It is well known for its wide range of versatility and high-speed functionality. The advancement in the bullet blenders is coming up with new modalities every year. However, one of the most frequently asked questions about the magic bullet blender is that can it crush ice as well? This question might seem direct, but the answer to it is a bit tricky. We are here to inform you about how a magic bullet blender will react to ice. We will solve all your doubts about the safety and durability of the magic bullet blender on crushing ice. Let us discuss in detail if a magic bullet blender can crush ice or not:

1.Consistency of ice:

If you want to crush ice in the magic bullet blender, you must know that ice is a tougher substance than the usual ingredients that you blend in the magic blender. Therefore, it will consume more strength in crushing ice. People usually use the magic bullet blender for making healthy drinks like protein shake and smoothie. For that, you require semisolid and liquid substances like fruits, veggies, and liquid. But, if you want to crush ice, make sure that your magic bullet blender operates on high power.

2.Using the right kind of blade:

A magic bullet blender usually comes with two kinds of blade; the cross blades and the flat blade attachment. If you want to increase the lifespan of your bullet blender, make sure to use them for the right kind of ingredients. The cross blade attachment is suitable for churning banana, apple, berries, veggies, and other semisolid ingredients. However, if you want to blend something that has a hard texture, make sure to use the flat blades. Dry fruits are usually blended with the help of the flat blade. If you have been doing it with the cross blades, make sure that you immediately change your habit now. Similarly, for making the crushing of ice a better experience with your magic bullet blender, we recommend you to use the flat blades.

3.Can I use my magic bullet blender to crush ice?

Yes, you can use the magic bullet blender to crush ice. You will get high-quality results without any disappointment. However, the Nutribullet blenders work at high power in contrast to the magic bullet blender. Therefore, if you have both the blenders at home, go with the first option. It will preserve the structure and function of the blender.

4.Will it affect the longevity of my blender?

The longevity of your magic bullet blender depends on the following things:

How frequently are you using it for crushing ice?

Amount of the ice used for crushing (load).

Which kind of blade attachment are you using?

The wattage (power) of your magic bullet blender.


The higher the power of your magic bullet blender, the better will be your experience with crushing ice. We hope that we cleared all your doubts. Thanks for reading. Come back again!


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