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How Long Do LaserJet Printers Last?


A laser printer is an electronic printer that uses laser technology. Laser lights are used to print high quality of images and texts, and it uses electronic printing. The printer is classified into two kinds one is impact, and the other is non-impact printers. The type of printing that laser printer produce is images on the drum. The Laser printer uses a non-impact photocopier technology.

Gray Starkweather first invented the Laser printer in 1969. But IBM introduced the first laser printer in 1975 to use it along with the mainframe computer. LaserJet printing technology was first invented by Hewlett-Packard (HP) to modify Laser printing.

Read the following article to know more about the Basic concept, working process, benefits, drawbacks of the LaserJet Printers.

The Basic concept of the LaserJet Printers

The basic concepts of the LaserJet Printer are follows:

The toner CartridgeThis contains coloured or carbon oxide power which is positively and negatively charged, and then it is melted onto the paper.

The Drum 

It is made of by metal products, and it is cylindrical. This drum is inside the toner cartridge, and it is photosensitive. The reflected laser light on the surface of the drum creates a pattern to print on the pages.

The laser 

The laser part of the printer transfers the light/beam and the reflected light of the laser onto the drum to paints the image on to the pages.

Supply of the power

This uses the more voltage to charge the drum and transfer and hold on the pager.

The transport/transfer belts

It moves the pager from the printer and passes it across the drum so that the toner can be transferred.

The fusing roller

This makes the printed pages hot, and the ink /toner is melted on the pages forever.

Working Process of the laser printer

The working process of the laser printer are as follows:

The sanitation/cleaning

Before printing a new page, the cleaning process will remove the excess information and torn from the drum.

The conditioning

The corona wire uniformly charges the whole drum. This changes frequently and keeps it ready for the next process.

      The writing

The process of writing starts the paper passes through the printer and start sticking the images on the papers. The result of this is clean copping the information.

The developing

The ink cartridge contains a positive charge so that it will help to attract to the drum and realize the negative charges.

The transferring 

The ink is transferred to the paper by the positive charges.

The fusing 

The pressure and the heat of the printer are applied to the paper so that the ink melts and pages are printed properly.


If you want to invest less choose printer under 5000 rupees. The lifetime of the LaserJet printer is about five years, and the printer is part of life. The LaserJet printers are useful for officers so that it prints faster and cleanly, cheaper torn and larger cartridge.

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