Sunday, September 13, 2020

How Can You Apply For Singapore PR


Singapore is an island or city in Southeast Asia that is situated near the Malay Peninsula. This is a very pleasant country and also is among the fastest-growing economies in the world. Many big companies have extended their operation here. As a result, it offers numerous opportunities and has a very big job market. For these reasons, many people are trying to settle here as the employment rate of this country is significantly increasing. So if you want to settle here, you need to apply for a permanent residentship, and if it gets approved by the government, you can easily become a citizen of this country. In this article, we will discuss how to apply for singapore pr and the benefits you will get if you apply for a PR in Singapore.

How To Apply For a PR

A permanent residency is a person who is not a native of this country, but they have the right to stay in this country permanently or for a long period. This kind of status is known as PR. To apply for a PR, there are some formalities that you have to complete and after they get approved by the designated authority. There are various schemes that you can choose to apply for singapore pr. Some of these schemes are discussed below.

       PTS(Professional And Technical Scheme)- This scheme is for the people who are foreigners and have proper work permits in this country. If your profile meets the requirement, you can easily apply for the process to start.

       The sponsored scheme- This scheme is applied for the spouse of a Singapore citizen or unmarried child who is below the age of 21, born, or has been legally adopted by any citizen of the country.

       Foreign Student Scheme(FSS)- This scheme is specifically for the international student who is studying in this country for at least two years and have successfully passed any national level exam.

       Foreign Artistic Talent Scheme- this scheme is only for the people who have professional knowledge in the art fields and can significantly contribute to Singapore's art and cultural works.

       Global Investment Program Scheme- If you want to invest in any business in this country, then you and your family can get a PR if you are eligible according to the rules of the country.

Benefits Of Applying PR In This Country

       You can easily go in and out of the country without any immigration process.

       You can also avail of many tax benefits of this country.

       You can apply or borrow any loans like a housing loan or a car loan.

       You can also be eligible for applying for full citizenship after time.

If you want to stay in this country for a long time, it is better to get a PR as it offers you many benefits and makes you eligible for getting full citizenship in this country.


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