Monday, September 7, 2020

Hair Colour Advantages and disadvantages


Have you ever thought of experimenting new hair color? Well, if you are a first-timer, you might have canceled on the plan later. Many people might be wondering why? Why would someone give up on such a superb idea? Yes, people do! Many people cancel the hair color plan looking at their disadvantages. On the one side where hair coloring gives a new life to your hair, it can be equally disappointing and harmful to your hair too. If you want to know every pros and cons of hair coloring before giving it a try, you are at the right place. We are mentioning down a few advantages and disadvantages of hair coloring; kindly have a look:

1. Advantages of hair coloring:

·       Reflects your personality:

Hair coloring is a great idea to reflect your personality. Some people do it with outfit, others with hair. Whether you are trying bold red or funky pink blue; everything has something to say about your personality.

·       Gives you a new look:

You cannot imagine how a hair colour can transform your entire look. If you have not yet tried it, we recommend you to go for it at least once in life. Life is another name of taking chances.

·       You can experiment with colors:

There are a whole lot of colors available in the market. You can never run short on hair dyes. Golden, brown, chocolate, golden, blonde, are a few popular colors. However, if you want to go for something quirky, opt pink, blue, red, purple, or green.

·       Conditioning of hair:

Hair coloring gives a new shine to your hair. If you have done it properly, you will surely notice that it becomes smoother.

·       Gets you a lot of compliments:

Do expect a lot of compliments on your new look if you are trying to get a hair color. Though, some people may criticize; but, who cares?

·       Stays for many days:

A decent brand hair color stays for enough days. It stays for so long that some women can't wait to get it off to get a new one.

2. Disadvantages of hair coloring:

·       It is quite costly:

Coloring your hair on a renowned spa can be quite heavy on your pockets. Be ready to spend a few more in its maintenance too!

·       Thinning & hair fall:

Thinning and hair fall are some obvious challenges that many women face. Especially, if you have a dandruff prone scalp, you will have it more.
·       Damage and frizz-prone hair:

It mostly occurs due to a lack of maintenance. If you are getting proper spa treatments regularly, you won't have any problems.

·       Allergic reactions:

If you have any underlying scalp, hair, or skin condition, make sure to see a doctor before going for hair color treatment.

·       You have to accept it:

As we already mentioned, a hair color stays for long. Even if it goes bad, you need to wait for few months to change it.

·       Needs more maintenance:

If you do not maintain your colored hair, you know what are the outcomes!


The final decision of coloring your hair relies on you. However, we would recommend you to go for hair color only if you can pay proper attention and follow weekly hair care tips. Happy hair dying fellas!


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