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Sando for men are very popular in India due to it’s hot and humid weather during most part of the year. These can be sleeveless shirts, vests, undershirts or sleeveless t-shirts or tank tops. They are ideal for wearing at home to provide relief from the hot weather. These are effective in absorbing sweat and avoid it’s penetration in clothes worn outside.

These can be used for casual wear, gym and sports. They are so very comfortable and very apt for daily running workout. They are made of 100 percent cotton or light weight fabric. They have such a soft feel and are so very comfy. They are all purpose use like lounge wear, leisure wear and active wear. There is a wide variety of sando for men available online. 

There would be thousands of them for you to choose the best option according to your taste and requirement. The fabrics they are made of are of super quality and all garments go through quality tests before they are delivered. They can be washed in machine and they should be kept away from extreme heat, fire or corrosive liquids.

Sando is used traditionally as undershirts to be worn under suits and dress shirts. They are also worn alone without a top shirt or a dress shirt to protect men from the hot and humid weather. They are usually worn as a very casual wear or lounge wear. Sometimes men wear them while doing strenuous work or other chores around the home.

The way a sando is designed is very simple. It has large armholes and neckholes and the neckline usually reaches down as far as the bottom of the chest. They can be long also so that they can be tucked into jeans or shorts. They do not have collars, buttons or pockets. They often cling to your body and are a tight fit. They can have a crew neck, a round neck or a v-shaped neck. They can be worn as thermals during the winter season or as undershirts or vests during the summer season. So men go for the wide variety of sando available online and enjoy wearing them in comfort and style. Shop for the latest styles. There is a huge collection at low prices, free shipping, easy and fast delivery and many other great offers.

So what to wear with a sando to make it a perfect casual attire or a nightwear. There is nothing like men’s pyjamas to go with it. They are traditionally loose fitting and may be called PJs or jammies. The pyjamas are a key part of the men’s wardrobe. They can be worn at home not just as nightwear but as also elegant evening attire made in materials such as silk and cotton.

Pyjamas have been worn by men for centuries. The tradition started way back when the Moghuls used to wear them. This tradition was passed on to British men who ruled India. They wore the pyjamas as casual attire. Later on the mens pyjamas became the ideal nightwear. The pyjamas have undergone many changes in style since the early days of being an Indian loose bottom wear which was tightened in place with strings.

The modern day pyjamas are quite different. Now there are many styles of pyjamas in different fabrics, designs and cuts. They are many kinds like lounge pants, beach pyjamas or night pyjamas. Though lots of variety of fabrics are available now-a-days but pyjamas are usually made of soft fabrics like cotton, silk or satin to make them to be worn with ease and comfort. They are usually in plain colours.

Pyjamas can be teamed up with a sando or also a kurta. To give it a traditional look they can be made as a Afghani pyjama or churidar. They can be worn with a kurta or sherwani. Young men usually wear the well-fitted jodhpuri pyjamas. They are loose above the knee and they have a tight fit along the bottom of the leg and are usually worn with a short kurta.
Pyjamas are not only a popular nightwear because they are so comfortable but they are also a popular lounge wear. They are a fashionable casual attire. It all depends on the men about what mood they have in a day and how they want to carry their pyjamas.

So men what are you waiting for. Buy the best sando and match it up with a stylish pyjama to have the perfect casual attire in your wardrobe. Choose from the vast variety and have a great shopping experience.


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