Wednesday, August 26, 2020

How to choose the right Bike Rack for SUV


Just like any other product in the market, the bike racks are available in numerous brands, models, and designs. Choosing the right bike rack for any vehicle is not an easy job. There are several factors that are needed to be kept on the mind while purchasing the bike rack for SUV.

Below, in our article, we have mentioned a few of the important pointers that a person should keep in mind whilst making a purchase of the bike rack for their beloved SUV. We would suggest our readers to go ahead and read the below article mindfully.

1. Consider the types of bike racks: The suv bike racks are available in 4 major different types:

a.Hitch-mounted bike racks: The hitch-mounted bike racks are known for their ease of installation and removal from the SUVs. The hitch-mounted bike racks tend to connect to the hitch without touching the SUV. And hence, prevents the risk of damaging the finish of the vehicle. If you have an SUV that has a spare tire mounted on the back of the SUV, then you will have to make sure that the hitch-mounted bike rack is long enough.


·         The hitch-mounted bike racks are easily installed and removed.
·         They are perfect for carrying the mount bikes.
·         They can carry up to 5 bikes at a single time.


·         A hitch is a must.
·         Hatch access gets interfered.

b. Roof-mounted bike racks: The major advantage of the roof-mounted racks is that they allow the users to have an ease of access to the back portion of the SUVs.


·         The roof-mounted bike racks are easy to install and remove.
·         The rack poses no damage to the finish of the vehicle.


·         Crossbars are a must.
·         The loading of the bike could be awkward.

c. Truck-mounted bike racks: The truck-mounted bike racks are best for the SUVs that do not have crossbars and hitches.


·         They are inexpensive.
·         They can be swapped between various vehicles.


·         It is quite difficult to install.
·         Interferes with the hatch access as well as rear windshield wipers.

d. Spare Tire-mounted bike racks: The spare tire-mounted bike racks are good for SUVs with a spare tire.


·         Easy for mounting the bikes.
·         No damage occurs to the vehicle finish.


·         It interferes with the hatch access.

2. Consider the model of the vehicle: The users need to get such bike racks that fit their SUV perfectly. Always make sure that you buy the bike rack on the basis of your vehicle’s model. The bike rack manufacturers provide fit information along with their product.

3. Consider the brand quality: The quality of the bike racks is very important as it defines the durability of the bike rack. Always make sure that you buy the best quality bike rack for your SUV, no matter the type of bike rack. We would suggest our readers to read the reviews and check the ratings before making any purchases of the bike racks. We hope you select the best quality bike rack for your SUV.

That’s pretty much all about the bike racks!

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