Sunday, July 5, 2020

How to Make a Refrigerator Exterior Look New


Not only the interior part of the refrigerator, but the exterior part of it also has to look new and clean. The exterior part of the fridge can be covered with dust and fingerprints that can diminish the beauty of the fridge. A quick clean can make the fridge look shiny and clean. You have to use the right kind of cleansers to make the exterior look flawless. Here are some of the points you can keep in mind to clean the exterior of the refrigerator.

Keep the refrigerator spotless.

       First of all, unplug the refrigerator and then keep it quite a distance away from the wall. But do not dislodge the water from the ice maker of the fridge.

       You can use a basic solution of water and soap to tidy up the surface of the fridge. Clean the doors and the handles well as these are the places where germs are prone to settle. Wipe and make a lather on the surface to take away the dirt. Make use of clean cloth to clean the residue. Then dry the mixture to lessen the spotting.

       There are special appliance sprays available in the market, and you can make use of these when cleaning the exterior of your fridge. It is also available in the form of wax, wipe and polish. It will make the fridge look shiny and glossy and new. Some sprays can clean the dirt as well as brighten the look of the fridge without the need for soap. You can also get it to reduce the cleaning work.

       Clean the seals of the doors also. You can use warm water and soap for this process. Wipe the seal well and the part that contacts the fridge. If it is clean, then close the door and then make use of your fingers to identify if there are possibilities of air leaks. If you feel that the cool air is coming out, then this could only mean that the seal has to be repaired. If left on its course, the fridge will not cool effectively.

       You can dust away from matters such as dirt and pet hair from the back part of the fridge. The small particles can be stuck at the back firmly. This can create coils and coils of dirt that will be difficult to clean. It is always good to keep the refrigerator exterior appearance spotlessly clean.

       Now you can plug the fridge and use it.

Some things to keep in mind

       Some types of fridges are not suitable for the exterior cleaning process using hard chemicals. This may damage the finish and the paint of the fridge. So only use light soap to clean this type of fridge.
       It is always good to read the safety manual before cleaning the fridge.
       Just in case you can wear gloves when cleaning to secure your hand from scratches and exposure to chemicals.
       Avoid giving a polish to the surfaces that people often hold, such as the door handles. It can be hard to use the doors after it, as the polish tends to be slippery.

These are the points you have to keep in mind to make the exterior of the fridge look new.

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