Tuesday, June 16, 2020

What is the procedure of the KRT Inspect service?


In order for the product to pass quality control, it undergoes a series of tests that, depending on what it is, will vary. Quality control for food is not the same as for a part of a car, a plastic product for sale in a household, a spray, etc. Each product has its quality standards and specifications and it is what must be respected.

The best companies are those that strictly comply with the quality control of their products, as they offer a guarantee to the client that everything, they offer is good. Their consumption implies the brand's professionalism.

Even so, in order to avoid that there could be some type of deception to the clients, usually, the companies contract external inspection services like KRT Inspect service, that by surprise, are in charge of monitoring that they are carried out. all analyzes and tests on the products that the company works with.

Let us find out the procedure of an audit:

Audit planning:

The date of the audit needs to be planned in advance. It is not just about executing the internal audit but also having enough time to obtain the final results. It is the person in charge of Quality Management who determines in the calendar the general audit, the internal audits, the appointment of the worker or workers, responsible for carrying them out or the roadmaps to follow.

Once the exact date for the internal audit is known, the person responsible for the part of the process to be audited will be informed on the day it will be carried out, the schedule, and the documents that must be prepared.

Development of the audit:

On the appointed date, the internal auditor explains to the person in charge of the process to be audited how the evaluation will be carried out before beginning.

The audit begins when both are verifying the performance of the requirements established in the roadmap to follow. In the event of non-compliance with the requirements or options for improvement of the system used, the internal auditor records them.

Writing of non-conformities:

All aspects that do not follow the criteria established in the ISO 9001 standard are noted.

Preparation of a final audit report:

The internal auditor writes a report with the result of the evaluation. This report must be made known not only to the person in charge of the audited area. But also, to the entire department so that they are aware of the situation and the reasons for implementing corrective measures if any. All the measures adopted must be based on the collected evidence, no personal assumptions are taken into account.

Monitoring of the measures adopted:

Agreed measures to overcome deficiencies found during the internal audit should be monitored to ensure that nonconformities are corrected and that the audit has borne fruit. Similarly, the proposals made to achieve an improvement in the quality management system are also monitored.

If you wish to conduct quality control inspections, lab testing services, or factory and supplier audits, do not hesitate to contact KRT Inspect services. 


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