Saturday, June 6, 2020

Mistakes to Avoid While Using an Induction Cooktop


Accepting and adapting to the new inventions and technology is a part of today’s lifestyle. Technology has changed the way we live, today the method of cooking and stovetops are also evolved. Induction cooktops are the latest and most preferred method of cooking today.

But how many of us know how to use an induction cooktop?

With new inventions comes a learning curve; as a consumer, we need to spend some time and learn the methodology to avoid mistakes.

What to avoid when cooking with induction cooktops?

Here, we will be discussing the mistakes to avoid while using an induction cooktop. Understanding how to use an induction cooktop is the key to preparing healthy and tasty meals. So let us understand the working of an induction cooktop

An induction cooktop is electrically operated; it doesn’t use gas or flames. Through the use of electricity, their working is different from traditional electric tops. The electromagnetic radiations heat up the food. The radiations emitted are safe and harmless, so you need to worry about using an induction cooktop. The stovetop doesn’t get too hot and cools down quickly within minutes of switching off the power. Induction is a safe and efficient method of cooking meals at home.

Mistakes to be avoided:

1. The first important and the most common mistake made by people using induction cooktops is using the wrong type of cookware. Induction cooktops work on electromagnetic radiations, which require special magnetic cookware. Research on the type of cookware you can use on induction cooktops and buy them accordingly.

Using the wrong type of cookware on the induction cooktops damages the stovetops and also leaves your food uncooked.

2. The next common mistake that most of us do when using induction cookware is placing or dropping heavy utensils on it. The induction cooktop surface is made of glass or ceramic, which is strong but can crack.

Avoid using heavier utensils on the induction cooktops. In case you need to use them, do exercise care and place the cookware gently. Remember that induction cooktops are very different from the traditional stovetops.

3. The third mistake to avoid while using an induction cooktop is doubling it as a chopping board. It is true that the induction cooktop is flat and can double as a working station. But it is highly recommended not to use an induction cooktop as an extra working space in the kitchen.

Induction cooktops get scratched easily, so avoid chopping or working on it. Also, don’t place uneven bottom cookware on the induction cooktops.

4. The last mistake to avoid when using an induction cooktop is cleaning the spills immediately. Leaving behind the spills on the cooktop while cooking makes it hard to wipe clean later.

Bottom Line:

Learning to use any new invention takes time. But with the right research and help, it is possible to use induction cooktops easily. An induction cooking method is one of the safest options in the world. We hope that this article provides the confidence to cook with induction cooktops by avoiding mistakes.


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