Friday, May 1, 2020

Is boiling water better than using water purifiers?


The necessity of filtering and purifying water

Why is the water needed for a human body? That is because all the cells, tissues, and organs in our body need oxygen and water to control the functions of the body and to manage the right temperature of the body. If the water contains impurities than the water that we drink may not be sufficient to maintain all the functions of the body. So, there is a need for filtering and purifying water for good health.

Old Techniques

In ancient times people used to perform filtration of water in different ways such as winnowing sieve, cloth, clay vessels, filtration by sand, and many other techniques. Herbs like amla were used to purify water. Plants were also used for filtration. Also, the water was stored in brass and copper vessels so that water will be treated with minerals, for good health. Purification was also done through boiling water in ancient times.

The usefulness of boiling water

As you know water contains lots of impurities due to the misuse of it. Some examples are the discharge of industrial waste, pollution, and so on. Water was boiled to purify because it killed bacteria and pathogens. If there is an event of biological contamination than boiling water will be helpful. Microbes get killed when water reaches the boiling point of 1000 degrees. When you bring the water to boil all the bacterias are killed, you just have to boil the water for a minute or two and your work is done.

But after boiling the water only the bacteria and pathogens are killed, you still need to separate the residue dirt and other impurities. Hence we will need a water filter or purifier to complete the task of separating the impurities from the water. There are a lot of purifiers in the market for you to choose from. They come with RO, UV, UF, and TDS technologies, that provide optimum results in purifying water, to maintain good health.


So, we would like to say that the boiling of water is helpful in some scenarios where you know that the water is not too hard. When the water is too hard, mostly groundwater, you will have to use filters and purifiers so that water can be completely safe to consume. If the water is soft, then only boiling water will work out, but it is always good to use at least a filter to remove the impurities.
We hope, we were able to put some light on the benefits and drawbacks of boiling water. And we also hope this article will be helpful for you to decide on a water purification system that you will have to deploy in your home.

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