Tuesday, March 10, 2020

AmFund - Teaching New Participants on How to Use Online Tools for Fundraising


New participants for fundraising can find the task overwhelming in the beginning. This is where you should step in to help them raise funds for the social or community event the first time. You can make this task easy for them by guiding them on how to use the fundraising portal so that they can understand it well and use it to the best advantage.

AmFund - Online tools to spotlight for social and community events

AmFund is a part of the American Fundraising Foundation that is aleading name in the USA when it comes to fundraising events for social and community causes. The experts here help their clients when it comes to the organizing of fundraising events in the nation. They say when you have new participants for the fundraising event, they are not sure where to start. This is where you should step in to help them, and the best place, to begin with, are online tools. 

Personal web pages for participants

You can give first-time participants their own personal web page on your fundraising portal. This page can contain their photo, some cool widgets, or a video that presents them and the mission of your cause to the public. Participants should use their own stories to share with the public so that they can effectively connect with potential donors in the field. There can also be a team page for the cause with a team captain in place. This will help all the members of the team drive funds into a common cause together.

Wield the power of email tools

If your participants use emails in your fundraising campaign, they effectively can establish a personal touch with donors. They can raise money and thank donors with a single email. Participants understand that connecting and maintaining a healthy relationship with a donor goes the extra mile to invoke trust in the cause or event. However, when it comes to the use of emails, there should be professional templates used. These email templates will help participants seek donations for the cause in a professional manner. So, here again, you need to take the onus to educate participants on their choice of email templates. In this way, you can create positive impressions on the mind of donors. Again, the email should have a link to their personal web page so that donors can read their personal stories and feel inspired to help.

Last but not least, the experts here at American Fundraising Foundation suggest participants should encourage social sharing among their networks to spread education about the cause. They can share their personal web pages on social media platforms. They can share pictures and videos of the cause or event to spread awareness and educate the public. In this way, first time fundraising participants to any social or community cause can be guided effectively. Over time, they master these online tools and become an integral part of the campaign when it comes to successfully raising funds for the cause!


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