Thursday, February 20, 2020

Are you excited for a Disney world trip? Here are some Disney world packing lists you should have a look with.


The Walt Disney world which is also known as Walt Disney resort and it is a great entertainment complex which is located in Bay Lake, Florida, United states. This is the most visited vacation resort all over the world with a 52 million people average attendance every year.

 This Disney world consists of theme parks, water parks and many other attractive games and sceneries which attracts the people from the kids to the adults. In addition to this there are four golf courses, thirty four hotels and resorts, Walt Disney parks and the list continues. Are you excited and ready to visit the Walt Disney world? Then check with the Disney world packing list given below to start your wonderful vacation.

There is lot of items which helps you to make your trip more comfortable and the common items for both men and women are listed below:

·         Clothing items
·         Toiletries
·         Medicine
·         Laundry supplies
·         Documents and paper works
Clothing items – The climate from your city or country varies from the climate in the Disney world. Based on the climate over there take the listed items for the safety measures.
·         Shirts and shorts
·         Flip flops, shocks and shoes
·         Pajamas
·         Belts
·         Scarves and sweaters
·         Sunglasses
·         Swimsuits
Toiletries – This consists of many things but also easily forgotten by everyone. The main toiletries to pack are listed below:
·         Toothbrush and toothpaste
·         Shower gel and floss
·         Shampoo, soap, hair conditioner
·         Deodorant  and contact lens solution and case
·         Lotions and other cosmetics
Medicine – Especially the prescribed medicines and other common medicines like,
·         Moleskin
·         Band aids
·         Antibiotic ointments
·         Itch gel or spray
·         Pain medicine
·         Eye drops
Laundry supplies – This is not a most important thing but you should go with the basic items like laundry soaps, dryer sheets, laundry bags etc.

Documents and paper works – Although, this is a digital era, it safe to keep a set of papers in the hard copy. The important documents includes,
·         Hotel confirmation
·         Boarding passes
·         Cash/credit cards
·         Membership cards
·         Tickets to theme park
·         Insurance cards
Pack your entire Disney world packing list early so you won’t be in a hurry burry moment at the last minute of boarding.

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