Thursday, December 19, 2019

Top five burger restaurants in Lafayette


The hamburger is a favorite food of many. Its popularity has gained over the years with the evolution of different kinds of burgers. From the earliest cheese burgers to the modern day doughnut burgers, the burger has changed the lives of the food mongers all over. Some restaurants offer customized burgers according o your preference of toppings and sausages. Nowadays there are various food and burger joints spread everywhere. The difficult task is to choose the best ones. Below we list the five best burger restaurants in Lafayette, Louisiana.

1)      Broaddus Burgers- this burger joint was opened in Lafayette in March 2014 at 610 east Kaliste saloom, Lafayette, Louisina 70501 and has a variety of burgers on its menu. Daily specials are available here. This simple looking cafeteria is privately owned and it specializes in customized burgers according to the meat/toppings and bun preference of the customers. It also offers some amazing protein shakes. The perfectly seasoned and juicy burgers with a friendly staff and clean environment draw a large number of burger fans to Broaddus Burgers Lafayette.

2)      D T Kirby’s – This burger joint in downtown, Lafayette is a great place to check out for any foodie. The original recipe of the burger patties with home-made seasonings and the high quality of all the ingredients used makes it a hit among the burger lovers. Any beef lover who would want a beef patty in his burger can get it ordered too. In addition, one prime attraction of this restaurant along with its fantastic hospitality is that the owner of this place occasionally makes a round to each table supervising the food and interacting with customers to get feedback.

3)      Five Guy’s – This fast food chain joint in West Lafayette offers a one of a kind food experience to all the food lovers. You can select the burger toppings of your choice and get it done to perfection. All options are opened to people whether it’s a grilled onions or fresh jalapenos. You can go for a single, a double patty, bacon, or a chicken burger. This joint is located all over the UNITED States.

4)      Scotty’s brew house- The menu at Scotty’s has a wide range to choose from. The original burger recipes that this place offers together with the warm hospitality are commendable. The special attraction of this fast food American joint is the gourmet burgers. Every month there is a ‘burger of the month’ special burger.

5)       Aj’s burger and Beef- this restaurant’s burger got the highest number of votes in 2015 from amongst the local population. The burger patties are made of fresh meat and the friendly and helpful staff is an added bonus.

For all the burger lovers out there in Lafayette, we hope our search down to the best five burger joints in Lafayette will ease your task of finding the best burgers. You can now enjoy these burgers with family and friends and take back good memories of the place with you.

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