Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Types of Pressure Cookers - A Quick Overview


Pressure cookers are very helpful for cooking various types of food items. By simply pouring the water and then placing the lid over the top you can cook various types of meals. One of the most convenient features of using a pressure cooker is that it will reduce the time of cooking significantly. There are various types of pressure cooker available nowadays which can be used for different types of cooking. By building the steam inside the pressure cooker it will heat the food inside it which will prove faster cooking of certain types of food.

Features of a Pressure Cooker

You might be wondering as to what you can do with your pressure cookers. Well, there are more than three generations of pressure cookers and each of them has unique features and purpose. So if you are planning to buy a pressure cooker then you should consider checking all of these things beforehand.
Single Purpose Pressure cooker – These are the traditional pressure cookers which can be used for cooking various types of meals but you need to be careful when using them. The temperature and pressure cannot be controlled in them. You won't find many features in these pressure cookers and they are only used for simple cooking.

Multi-Purpose Pressure cooker – Nowadays you can find various multi-purpose pressure cookers which can be quite helpful for the cooks. You can control the pressure and temperature inside the cooker which will help you with perfect cooking. You can use them as a rice cooker or even prefer slow cooking in them to completely cook an item. There are various options in these pressure cookers which will be quite helpful.

Three Generation of Pressure Cookers

Various types of Pressure cookers have been used over time and each of them has its own purpose and features. There are two generations of pressure cookers from which you can choose.

1st Generation of Pressure cooker 

It is one of the oldest types of pressure cooking which was used for cooking various types of meals. It has a weight based pressure valve which will produce a whistling sound when the pressure needs to be released. This way you can get an estimate about the time taken for cooking the meals. The pressure level in the first generation of pressure cookers cannot be changed but with the modern ones, you can customize various types of things.

2nd Generation of pressure cooker 

They are the latest generation of pressure cooker you can choose from. The pressure valve in these pressure cookers remain hidden and are based on the spring mechanism. You can choose from various types of pressure options and even customize the temperature. There are various ways by which you can release the steam in these pressure cookers. When you use such modern pressure cookers you will get a design to control the pressure inside the cooker. So you can control your cooking according to your own preference.

3rd Generation Pressure Cooker 

They are the pressure cookers which are based on electric power and can be quite reliable to control the cooking. These pressure cookers also use a spring valve which helps in maintaining the pressure. So you will not face any problems in keeping your food warm in these pressure cookers for a long time. The steam is released from the valves so you need to be careful when using them.

These are the various types of pressure cooker from which you can choose. Before buying a pressure cooker you need to make sure to check its various features and get assurance if it's perfect for you or not.

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