Thursday, November 21, 2019

All you should know about the SAT


SAT is needed for admission to most of the undergraduate programs at US universities. A few universities in other parts of the world including Singapore and Canada also require the SAT score. The SAT consists of three tests reading test, writing & language test and maths test.

1. Reading test

The reading test has 52 questions that have to be completed in 65 minutes. It focusses on how you deal with evidence. You need to find the evidence in a passage that best supports the answer on the basis for a reasonable conclusion. For the analysis of quantitative information, you need to examine informational graphics and relate the information conveyed by it to ideas conveyed through words.

2. Writing and language test

The writing and language test has 44 questions to be completed in 35 minutes. This test contains tailormade writing and language passages, so that error can be intentionally introduced. Passages are several paragraphs long so that the students engage in complex real-world revision and editing tasks and the student will often need to have a good understanding of one or more paragraphs or even the entire passage to answer a particular question.

2.1 Distinctive features

The questions in this section test- and expression of ideas, knowledge of science and history and social studies and understanding of standard English conventions. Few questions are also put to assess how well student revise a passage to improve the way develops information and ideas.

2.2 Informational Graphics

The writing and language tests also include passages that are paired with tables, charts, graphs, and other informational graphics. Students are tested for clarity and accurate interpretation of the data. 

However, they’ll never need to use mathematical computation to answer the questions. Various institutes in India, train candidates for techniques to tackle the problems. You just need to search something like Sat coaching in Ahmedabad or your city of preference, to get correct information.  

3. Maths

The maths test is characterized by the questions that test the quantitative aptitude of the candidates. The test covers all math practices with an emphasis on problem-solving, modeling using appropriate tools strategically and recognizing and using algebraic structure. You cannot use the calculator for the first map section which has 20 questions to be completed in 25 minutes. 

You are permitted to use a calculator for the second map section which has 38 questions to be completed in 55 minutes. Students are asked to solve problems grounded in science, social science career scenarios or other real-life contexts. Hence, you should aim for basic understanding and fluency in mathematical concepts.


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