Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Six ways you can clean your home like a professional cleaner


Not everyone out there can afford to hire professional cleaning services that is why they are in constant search for different cleaning hacks that make their lives a who lot better.

However, are there are any hacks out there when it comes to making cleaning easier? Well, in this post, cleaning professionals have revealed some of the best tips that they can give when it comes to cleaning your home effectively by following these great cleaning hacks that you will surely want to learn from professional cleaners.

This post is compiled by the best cleaning service in Melbourne.

1.    Do not forget to place a doormat at your house’s main entrance- Knowing that people entering your house comes from different places and walks on different surfaces, for sure they are carrying more than the dirt or mud on the pavement, they are also carrying bacteria and germs that could infect everyone inside the house including your pets that is why it is pretty important to place a doormat at the main entrance or main door of your house to make sure that everyone wipes their footwear before they enter or much better take off their footwear before they even walk inside the house.

2.    Learn to combine different cleaning tasks- You can actually kill two birds with one stone in terms of cleaning your house by combining cleaning tasks that are similar to each other. For example, you can vacuum the floor right after you wash them, or you can clean the blinds at the same time as you clean the windows.

3.   Stop using the messy bucket- Knowing that a bucket of water that has cleaning solution to it could possibly spill on the floor not to mention the droppings it creates that makes everything a whole lot messier, you should get rid of it by doing a bucket-less cleaning using your mop by replacing it with a spray bottle that is filled with water mixed with diluted cleaning solution and an efficient microfiber mop to wipe off the sprayed solution on the area intended to be cleaned.

4.   Organize your cleaning products efficiently- You should learn to identify different cleaning devices, solutions, and tools and separate them completely because not every one of it can efficiently clean anything because these are specifically designed to clean different surfaces, items, and places in your house so make sure your solutions and cleaning equipment for your floor is separated for your cleaning tools for your bathroom and etc. This will also make your life a whole lot easier because you can easily pick up the needed things when you want to clean a specific place or section in your house.

5.  Do not be lazy- If you want to clean like a professional, you should work your butt off. Do not be lazy and make sure you thoroughly clean everything to make sure you accomplish your mission without any backlogs.

6. Dispose of your trash properly- One of the best things professional cleaning services do after cleaning up is they know how to throw the wastes they collected properly by dumping it to the prescribed skip bins or rubbish bins.

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