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Refinishing hardwood floors and rubber floor tiles at its best


Hardwood style is back in fashion. Those with such floors go in for refinishing. It revitalizes the appearance without installing new flooring. Hardwood refinishing operations are straightforward and not costly compared to sanding down to uncovered wood and less time consuming. Within few hours the floors will appear as good as new. Hardwood floors has longevity however daily wear and tear makes refinish necessary.

Refinishing of hardwood is simple do it yourself method. Go in for rented machines for sanding add protective wood finish to make the floors shining and as good as new. The method used is removing the top layer of the covering matter through sander. It digs below the scratches, stains or faults bringing out fresh surface which can then be treated with protective coating. A coat of polyurethane will make it as good as new. Water based polyurethane can be applied in 3 hours. Oli based polyurethane are not costly however it takes 8 hours to dry. You can either attempt this or get the experts at One Stop Flooring to
deliver the masterpiece of your dreams. 

The new trend is also in favor of interlocking rubber floor tiles. It can be spread out on any floor surface with ease. These are popularly used in gym, play region, sports surface, residential, commercial and industrial flooring. These tiles are durable, pliable, waterproof, good sanitation and easy to look after. It extends insulation to the room which decreases noise. The tiles come in various colors surface differentiation width and thickness. It has anti slip property and anti-fatigue element.
In case of hardwood refinishing the work involves use of buffer. It can be rented. Use of vacuum is the suck dust. In case you are not familiar with buffer do some practice in the center of the room. You will learn to maneuver.

The first step is to clean the floor. Empty the room and spray hardwood cleaner. Another alternative is blend 10 parts water with one-part vinegar. Keep windows and door closed to keep dust away. Make use of 180 grit sandpaper to hand sand the perimeter nooks as buffer will not be able to reach here. Wood grain of 4-6 inches should be removed. The finish will then appear dull. Now get ready with buffer. Attach a buffing pad and wear dust mask. The movement of the buffer should be side to side in the direction of the grain taking out six inches of material which comes out in powder form. Allow the powder to settle. Attach a clean filter to the vacuum. Vacuum the floor. In the end dry tack, the surroundings through microfiber moving in the direction of the grain.
Protect tour nose and mouth with a respirator that contains organic vapor canisters. Take a cone filter and strain the finish in a plastic watering can. Through brush mark 3-inch wide stripe near the baseboards away from exit door. Lap mark in case the edge of strips comes out dry. Take a 10-minute gap and begin the next step. Roll out the finish with long handled roller with the grain followed by across it. Recoating must be done after 3 hours. Set the room after a week.

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