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How to select a bread loaf pan?


Coming home to the smell of freshly baked bread is always welcoming. But most of us prefer store-bought bread to baking one. This may be because of the work that goes into baking sometimes even after the hard work put into baking bread the result may not be appealing.

The material and type of a loaf pan used is important when baking bread. Once you own the right kind of bread loaf pan, it is just a matter of following simple instruction to bake bread.

Before we see what type of bread loaf pan to purchase let’s understand the meaning of bread loaf pan.

What is a bread loaf pan?

It is a type of container made out of different material, which is used in baking bread. A loaf pan helps in retaining the shape while baking. The container makes it simple and easy to bake bread at home.

Factors to consider while purchasing a bread loaf pan

There various factors that affects your decision while purchasing a bread loaf pan. But in this article, we have narrowed it down to two major factors to consider at the time of  buying a bread loaf pan. The two factors are as follows:

1.  Material

Bread loaf pans are made out of different materials such as aluminum, glass, stainless steel and silicone. Aluminum is the common material used in manufacturing bread loaf pan, as it is a good conductor of heat and affordable. Aluminum pan disperses the heat in all directions and helps the bread to bake evenly. Once the bread is baked, it can be removed easily from an aluminum pan as it is not sticky. However, aluminum pans do not last long; they are prone to starches and needs to be replaced frequently.

On the other hand, stainless steel pans last long, they are easy to clean. The only drawback of this material is that they do not heat evenly. Silicone is the latest addition to the cookware. The material is safe from starches, dents, and cracks. Glass is the least preferred material for baking as they leave the inside part of bread uncooked. Also, glass cookware is not easy to handle and prone to breakages.

2.  Size

The size of the pan is the next important feature to consider while buying a bread loaf pan. Bread loaf pans are found in different sizes, before purchasing a pan consider the type of bread you need to bake and the recipe.

A half-inch in the difference of the pan size reduces the capacity to 15 percent. For a recipe containing 3 cups of flour, you need an 8.5 x 4.5-inch bread loaf pan. For baking whole wheat bread a standard pan will suffice and for combination bread, you need a larger pan.

Apart from these two features consider the price, durability and resistance capacity of the loaf pan at the time of the purchase.

In conclusion

Investing in quality based products is always recommended. The quality of a bread loaf pan determines the quality of the food. With the information shared above make a wise decision while choosing a bread loaf pan.

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