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Details of the best Manali Tour Packages at affordable rates


Traveling to the snow-capped mountains and the pristine blue skies is like falling in love with nature over and over again. If you are an adventure freak and wish to take your next trip to the hills, then one of the best places that need to be explored is none other than Manali. Known to be synonymous to perfect beauty, Manali is a trekker’s paradise, as there are lots of destinations to explore and have fun. There are exclusive Manali tour packages available that start from several Indian cities and therefore, let’s get some information about some of the places that are covered in these packages.

The top Manali Tour Packages loved by tourists:

If you are visiting Manali for the very first time, then it is time to go through the following packages that are listed below:

       Ladakh Holiday-

One of the most famous Manali tour packages comprises of exploring the hill station of Manali and then traveling up to Ladakh. On the way, various other destinations are covered and all of the stays are arranged in perfect cottages and hotels. You can experience the green lavish valleys in Manali, the local market, and the Ladakh valley as well.

       Manali and Shimla-

This tour packages start in Delhi and culminates with Shimla and then staying in Manali. The tour is probably for 6 days, where you get to explore the hill stations, along with experiencing the local culture, trying some local delicacies and staying in humble cottages away from the humdrum of city life. All the local spots of Shimla and Manali are covered in this package.

       Exotic Manali Tour-

The exotic Manali tour comprises of traveling to Manali only and lodging in the valleys. One can stay in the cottages here located amidst the lap of nature and do away with all the worries of the world. You can experience the various local points in the hill station and how significant they all stand in the history of the place.

       Honeymoon Manali package-

For all those couples who are planning to travel to Manali for the perfect honeymoon, then one can choose the honeymoon package. The couple stays in a luxurious boutique hotel and all sorts of arrangements are made to make the two feel special. All local spots trips are included in the trip and therefore, you can romance in the serenity of the mountains!

How to book the Manali Tour packages?

If any of the above packages interest you, then one can book them online through specific travel websites or by visiting any travel agency in person. As soon as you enter the details, you can get an estimated cost of the entire tour package and what all are covered within the tour. Therefore, once you confirm with the package, you can take the trip as per the booking date. Thus, never miss out an opportunity to explore the greenery and the scenery of Manali, as it attracts you like a magnet over and over again!

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