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Where do I buy a Ford car cover?


Although the rate of car theft all across US in numerous cities like Watchung and Plainfield have gone down, the business is approximately worth $7.5 billion and rising. For example in the year 1998, the car theft rate dropped by almost 8.4% however, the value of the stolen cars increased by close to 11% or $200 million. Primarily speaking auto thefts are large city crimes, but it does not mean that in smaller cities it does not happen at all.In order to save your favorite car, whether it is a Ford or any other brand from being stolen, you have to be extra cautious. Here are some useful tips to keep in mind that can help you a lot:

* Lock your car properly: This is one of the main reasons for car theft. Vehicle owners forget to lock their cars when they leave the vehicle parked at some place. It is said that in most US cities like Westfield and Watchung almost 50% of the car thefts are due to this reason.

* Avoid parking in dark areas: If possible avoid parking your favorite vehicle in dark areas. If someone tries to open your car in the dark then nobody will be able to notice. So best would be to park your car in well lit areas.

* Close all the windows while parking your vehicle: While parking your car ensure that all the windows of the vehicle are closed so that thieves do not find it easy to enter it.

* Leave only the ignition or door key while parking your car in an attended lot: If during any time you have to park your favorite Ford or any other car in attended parking lots, then ensure that you give them only the door/ignition key and nothing else. If the glove box or trunk open with the same keys then get them changed. When you return check the spare tire, main tires, and battery to make sure that they are the same which you had when you had brought your car to park.If you wish to buy a wonderful car from Ford - Watchung and Cranford are some of the cities in US where car lovers can buy new and used Ford cars from Maplecrest Auto Group. They also offer different types of car services and also deal in Ford Custom Accessories. If you would like to know more about the company and their numerous services then visit their website Here you can also access information about the forthcoming Ford car covers.

Just What Is It About Fords? A Personal View

For my generation, growing up in the Seventies, 'Capri' and 'Escort', are names that stay with us, as are windy words like Zephyr and Cortina for the Sixties folk.Ford cars are ubiquitous, and their images sustained, and a few have popped up during my life. The first that I can remember is a beigey/goldey/ rusty coloured Mark IV Cortina.The Mark IV was assembled in Dagenham, Essex, and was the United Kingdom's most popular car of the seventies, in production from 1976 - 79, and the successor to three previous generations / incarnations first released in 1962. This one was squarer and somehow chunkier than its forebears, and came as either as saloon or estate. 

You could get anything from a 1.3 litre to a 4.1 litre version somewhere in the world, with models being assembled in Australia and New Zealand, as well as in Taiwan and Korea.There were at least six previous owners listed for ours when we purchased it from a friend with whom we Orienteered at weekends back in the early eighties. It had a brown vinyl roof, went like the clappers, and had a 2.0 litre engine fitted where once a humble 1.6 had rested. 

To start, it came with a screwdriver - no key - as the ignition bits had been removed at a time when someone somewhere had nicked the thing. We were young, it was inexpensive: I remember this one of my cars as being fun. It followed a nasty, ill-judged, Mini which tried to kill us on the A37 south of Bristol, and our second car, a safe, dull, ordinary (except for the clever suspension system which caused the car to sit up and take notice when the key was turned and engine started) Citroen GS in 'Beige Opale'.

Apart from a period owing a blue Orion (which one could open with almost any Ford key at the time (or so it seemed)), the next significant Ford moment for me was witnessing a little corruption in industry in the Nineties, when a 'Probe' was 'gifted' to a parts buyer in return for a favourable outcome on a contract. The man had expressed an interest in the vehicle to a Sales Director, whose company car it was, and it became part of an incentive package that included foreign travel, a samurai sword and a lady of the night. But enough of that, jobs were lost, contracts renegotiated, and the world moved on - and now we find eleven million VW cars under scrutiny for some extremely questionable cheating business practices.

A natural successor to the Capri, the Probe was Sports Coupe built in Michigan between 89 and 97. Built on a Mazda platform with either a 2.0 litre or 2.5 litre V6 Mazda engine, the second-generation model was the one that I came across. All that I really remember of it is that it was quick and low and a little too chunky, and built with gentlemen of a certain age in mind. I wasn't that age then, and didn't covet the thing. It was blue. The story that surrounded it was really what it was all about - but isn't that the thing with any possession really, a case of 'look at me, come and hear my story'?Fords endure, models come and go. Granada, Cortina, Scorpio and probe have given way to Fiesta and Focus. Off our lot Fiestas fly, and Focus's sell. The Focus is the UK's commonest car - not sure why.

Find Quality Used Ford Cars For Sale in the US

But, this is often not true. Many car owners default on their loan payments and tend to sell their cars to recover from debts. For various other reasons, cars are seized from car owners and put up for sale. Many such cars will be in excellent condition. It is not difficult to buy a quality used Ford car from one of the used car auction sales in US.To get the best Ford used cars, you have to know how to locate them. Many newspapers and local magazines have advertisements about used car sales. You have to closely watch the advertisements to find such sales. A better way to source your desired used car is to use the internet. There are many auction sites that offer a very wide range of makes and models of used cars. You can also use online services to locate live public car auctions when cheap deals on quality used cars are regularly achieved.

If you are a first time buyer at a used car auction it is recommended that you visit an auction to see how they operate before you take step to buy your Ford car. You have to learn how the auction process works to enable you to walk away with your favorite car bought at a much lower price.To get even more choices then online internet auctions are the answer. On the internet, you can find many websites containing information about used car sales and conducting used car auctions. Some websites provide such information for free while others require you to become a member to get relevant information. When you become a member, you will get most up-to-date information about used car sales in the US. This can be particularly beneficial if you buy and sell used cars for profits.

Buying used cars is very different from buying a new car. You can approach your favorite dealer, but the sales pressure may be too much. When you research on the internet you will realize that it is possible to buy quality Ford cars dirt cheap. Some people assume that used cars are always cheap. While cars do depreciate, chances are that you may pay higher than the actual market price for a used car if you don't know the tricks behind buying used cars and do your research.

Ford Dealer Tips About Ford Vintage Cars

Like the recently uncovered 12,000 year old fishing tackle in South California created hype, driving around the neighborhood on a Ford vintage car will surely elicit head turning, and scrutinizing looks from people that you pass by.Nowadays, you may easily find shiny brand new cars in a Ford dealer showroom or used modern cars in a used car dealer showroom, but the challenge is finding a classic auto unit.What is a vintage car anyway? Vintage automobiles are those units made around the 1950s to the 1970s. Ford is one of the leading vintage car producers today and it has made a roster of old classic roadsters. 

Some stocks are still being sold on online shops, from the Ford Anglia 105E to Ford Zephyr MkIIFarnham. Muscled old classic cars are one of the Ford lovers' favorites.Not all old cars are worthy to be called a vintage classic. These cars are usually not in production anymore and they come in limited numbers. They may also be the first few generations or versions of your modern cars today. Vintage vehicles are usually registered as such, and they have specific emblems.

Here are some examples of Ford's popular vintage cars:

The Ford Thunderbird

This type of car was first released in 1955 and it was one of Chevrolet Corvette's toughest competitors. The personal luxury car was named after the elusive mythological animal, the Thunderbird. we have seen eleven generations of the Thunderbird up to date. And although its latest version was created only in 2002, the manufacturers tried their best to give it a vintage touch.

The Ford Mustang

Branded as the first pony car ever made, the Ford Mustang comes in hardtop, fastback, convertible and sports roof versions. The original concept of the car was to also entice female buyers without turning off the male ones. In the end, it became a classic, and the vintage versions are valued collector's finds.

The Ford Falcon

Old classic car collectors will basically drool on this car. Besides being out of production, the Ford Falcon is a rare find because the manufacturers have released only a limited number in 1960 to 1970. It comes in 2-door sedan sport coupe, 4-door sedan sports coupe, and 5-door station wagon versions.If you are already an owner of any of these classic vehicles, you can find car parts online or in selected Ford dealer branches, just in case you may need some replacements.

Finding these cars is really not easy, but if you want one, you may try your luck and ask a ford used car dealer if they still have available stocks. Fat chance, but it's still chance nonetheless.First opening in 1915, we are a third generation Ford Dealership that believes in Customer Satisfaction. We are experts at providing Internet shoppers with accurate pricing, and trade values, over the web. We can arrange delivery almost anywhere in the country. Visit any of our ford dealer or used car dealer.

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