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SAT, the Master Key for Successful College Application


SAT is college admission test organised for students. The original term for this standardized test is Scholastic Assessment Test. This assessment is developed and published by the College Board. Educational Testing Service is the administrator of SAT. The SAT examination is recently developed. 

This exam assesses the readiness of the students for getting into college. This exam is not based on the high school curriculum. From 2016, several adjustments were made in the exam. Those adjustments reflect what students are still in their high schools. It is a multiple choice test.

The scheduled time for this exam is 3 hours, and extra 50 minutes optional time is given for the essay part. The fees required for this exam is nearly $60 or within Rs. 5000 INR if we convert it into Indian currency. This test is taken by almost1.7 million students each year across the world. This exam is conducted 5times in a year. Some important facts of the exam, as derived by the leading SAT coaching in Noida are:

·         SAT is 3 hours long paper-pencil test.

·         The four sections of the tests are – reading, writing, language, and mathematics.
·         The fifth section is optional. It contains essay writing and the time is 50 minutes. This paper is required by some colleges.

·         The score range is between 400-1600.

Recently the College Board has introduced SAT in India. Students who are looking to pursue higher education in premier universities in India would be pleased to know that in 2018, the India Global Higher Education Alliance has been brought into effect by the College Board with various academic establishments. All the university affiliates in this Alliance are accepting SAT scores for admission from Indian students as well as around the world.

SAT coaching in Noida explains the SAT Exam Eligibility 2019 as well-

The College Board, conducting body of SAT, has not set up any eligibility for candidates who wanting to appear for SAT, one of the most recognized entrance exams for undergraduate studies abroad. There is no such minimum or maximum age limit set by The College Board for applicants wanting to register for SAT test. However, one should qualify the high school to seek purchase admission essay online for undergraduate studies.

Are you looking for SAT coaching in Noida? Now a days, several SAT coaching centres are available in Noida. A constant competitive environment of the SAT coaching centres will boost your performance and also compel your SAT preparation in the right direction. The coaching centre in Noida for SAT examination will enhance your chances and help you get better in the game:

·         Right guidance is most important for SAT exam as it is competitive in nature
·         SAT coaching centre can help improve your regularity and consistency
·         Expert training by the faculty of SAT Coaching Centre will help you get on the right track for SAT preparation and to crack the exam as well.

Each student has own requirements. So, choose the best SAT coaching in Noida on the basis of faculty experience, course fees, strengths and weaknesses of the students who will guide you to appear for the test.

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