Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Recovering After a Running Injury


Whether you like to go for a light jog each day or are a hardcore marathoner, running comes with its own set of risks. Getting injured can put a runner out of commission for weeks or even months depending on the type of injury that occurred. Taking the proper steps to heal afterwards can help speed up the recovery process. 
Go to Physical Therapy
Depending on the type of injury you've sustained, you may need to engage in some physical therapy Brandon FL. This is particularly effective with knee injuries as it helps to develop the muscles around the damaged area. The physical therapist can also help with stretching and preparing you to start running again. 
Take Time off
This one is really difficult for some people. It can be extremely tempting to go out for a run or even just a walk, but you should stay off your wound until the doctor has cleared you. Going out too soon can actually cause you more problems and may even lead to you needing surgery. 
Train Slowly
If you haven't been able to exercise for a few weeks or longer, you will need to retrain your body to get back to where you were. Do not assume that you can go run a race at the same pace that you used to. Start off with a slow jog, and you may even want to throw a few walking breaks in there. Taking it easy during your first few runs can help prevent you from injuring the area again. 
One of the best ways to prevent running injuries is to wear the appropriate running gear and stretch properly before you go out. Go to your local running store and get fitted for shoes. Be sure to wear bright clothing and some sort of light when you run at night. Always stop exercising and see a doctor right away if you are experience pain.

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