Sunday, June 30, 2019

How to Figure Out the Best Exhaust Fan

Most Indian kitchens at home have now started housing an exhaust fan. This is not just for practical reasons of the weather in India but also to maintain hygiene in the kitchen. With so much steam and aerosolized grease and food particles in the air an exhaust fan ensures that these things do not end up on the ceiling, walls, floors or any other utensils in the kitchen. Also any strong odours from cooking are kept out with the exhaust fan rather than to linger around in the home.

But if your exhaust fan is not powerful enough for the room size then you will still have a coating of grease and food residue that builds up quickly over all available surfaces and the floor and then finds its way to the rest of the house through your shoes. Also if the vents on the fan are not proper or are clogged in some manner of style there will be a lack of makeup air which again leads to a dangerous situation. Here are some key things to remember when choosing a portable exhaust fan for kitchen. These considerations should also be kept in mind while choosing the best exhaust fan for bathroom. Both these rooms in any house being the most humid and requiring an exhaust fan most.

The position of an exhaust fan is naturally recommended to be overhead as heat rises taking with it any debris, odours, grease, etc to the upper parts of the room from where these unwanted items can be easily expelled. Size of the room is another factor that is important for proper functioning of an exhaust fan. An easy way to estimate this is to multiply the square foot area of the room and half it to get the fan output requirement in CFM or cubic feet per minute. This is marked on the exhaust fan by most manufacturers. One should choose an exhaust fan that can handle this capacity at medium setting for optimum usage and lower electricity usage.

If vents have to used, ensure that there are no sharp angles where the particles can settle over time to clog it and become a fire hazard. Also, ensure that the exhaust has a high-capacity cap so that rain cannot enter with proper sealing mechanism. Also make sure that your room has a good makeup supply of air that is being expelled as otherwise the backdraft will suck in the smoke and carbon monoxide which is not good for health.

Choosing a variable speed fan that also includes lighting should be considered if the space is less and also for style purposes. These light combinations help you to use the same fixtures as the current light and install the new fixtures without new installations. Many exhaust fans also come with motion sensors that turn on when someone walks into the bathroom or kitchen and some also have a smoke and humidity sensor. Do keep in mind that these additional features can make your choice of portable exhaust fan for kitchen a bit costly.

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